The story of wild lotus root 84

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Look, sister Tang and Jiang tianqiang are dealing with Alan like a double reed .

Alan almost forgot about her pregnancy .

night , Here we go .

“ Alan , I have an idea , I don't know if you want to listen to me ?” Sister Tang said , Maybe she didn't have time to wear underwear …… A woman in her thirties is quite popular with men . therefore , Such a woman is called a mature woman , They exude a kind of mature woman flavor .

Alan said :“ I don't want to hear you say .”

Sister Tang said :“ You don't want to hear me , Forget it , I don't want to tell you . Anyway, it's dark , I am afraid that l have to go , You want to stay here , Please ask Jiang tianqiang to accompany you , I've been working hard all day , I don't have the energy to get tangled up with a man who can't carry his brain .”

Alan said :“ ok , You stay with him , Let me go .”

Jiang tianqiang said :“ Let's go together , I'll accompany you to the restaurant for dinner .”

Alan said :“ You two go to eat , I'm ashamed of you for doing such a scandal .”

Jiang tianqiang said :“ Don't talk about it , Usually you are a quiet girl , It's like taking the wrong medicine today , How to talk like a mental patient ?”

Alan said :“ I'm going to your parents now , Now I'm pregnant with your baby , See how your parents treat me ?”

“ ah , You're pregnant .” Jiang tianqiang was startled .

And he said :“ You can't be kidding .”

He seems to believe it or not .

Sister Tang also opened her eyes , say :“ Alan , Is it true ?”

To make them believe what they say , Alan took out a medical record card from a small satchel , To Jiang tianqiang :“ You can have a look .”

Jiang tianqiang took the medical record card and looked at it , See a line : Confirmed to have been pregnant for more than 70 days , It is suggested that pregnancy should not be the same as ……

Alan was right , Jiang tianqiang is really a shameless villain . He has a straight face , Say to Alan :“ Don't patronize me , Why don't you look for the person you've been thinking about , What happened between you , Don't think I don't know , I'm not dead .”

Sister Tang is on the move , She said :“ Tianqiang , This matter needs to be clarified , You don't get married and you don't get married , That's a shame !”

Alan vomited blood in anger , She said :“ Then I'm going to give birth to this baby .” Then she said to Jiang tianqiang :“ Your father is a decent commune cadre , I'll show it to the whole commune , You father and son are not as good as .”

Her words even beat down Jiang tianqiang's arrogance , He is most afraid to mention his father , He knows : If this child is born , The black hat on his father's head is definitely not safe .

He soon made up his mind : Make sure you get rid of this kid , She must not be born .

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