Days without complaint (20210428-29)

2021-05-01 03:03:11  作者:Photography

After a while, I paid close attention to the author of some short books , In fact, we only pay attention to them after reading their articles . The reason why I read those articles , Maybe thanks to big data based search 、 Analysis and push .

Describe everyday life , Light or heavy ; Record personal growth , Laugh with tears ; And reading and photography , Human landscape , Our law . In terms of the nature and function of the article , It's not so much sharing , It's more like talking to yourself , Some even vent . Simple books , It can be used as a tree hole . There's not much noise here , The atmosphere is friendly and peaceful , There's no blowers or bars . Writers and readers , They keep a cautious and modest distance , Mutual tolerance and respect .

One of our unknown sides happened to be seen , This other person is a stranger , But can understand our language , Let's feel familiar . It feels like a soft wind , Like warm water , Soothe the heart .

thank you , Familiar stranger .