The pea field is busy picking

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The picture shows Dongshan, Huaiyuan County

4 Day of the month , It's true to say that change can change , From the Qingming Festival, it rained one after another , When it comes to big showers every day , I've been making the last April of my life , It's the end of April , It's today 28 Number , Two more days “ 5、 ... and • One ” labor day . At this time, the weather is surprisingly good , The sun is shining , All over the world , Light wind floats , It's best to go out .

Pea fields planted by farmers

There's nothing to do in the morning , Lying around at home for days , I feel very well , I want to go out for a walk . Unconsciously came to the junction of Huaiyuan County and Bengbu City , All the way to the mountains , Walk to a pea field planted by villagers . I heard peas are delicious , They chatted with the reapers .

Ripe Peas

peas : It belongs to Leguminosae , Alias : It's also called wheat pea 、 Cold beans 、 Wheat beans 、 Snow beans 、 Bi Dou 、 Hemp tired 、 Guodou, etc . It originated in Western Asia 、 The Mediterranean and Ethiopia 、 West Asia Minor , Because of its strong adaptability , It is widely distributed all over the world .

Peas growing in Bengbu, China

Peas have a good anti-cancer effect , It's good for intestinal peristalsis , It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects , It is suitable for the general population . It's just high blood sugar 、 Chronic pancreatitis 、 A pregnant woman 、 It is forbidden for allergic personnel . meanwhile , Not with vinegar 、 spinach 、 Eat it with mutton .

The laborer who harvests in the field

Peas are delicious and difficult to grow , Dongshan in Huaiyuan County of Bengbu City is in the west of Bengbu City and in the east of Huaiyuan County , There are trees and stones all over the mountain , There are bushes , And pomegranate trees 、 Peach trees and other fruit trees are among them , There is no serious way to go up the mountain and work , Even if the crops grow , It's not easy to transport down the mountain .

Explain the difficulty of harvest

Pea seeds are also very expensive , Every catty is 8 yuan , Three percent of an acre is 20 Jin seeds , And fertilizer , Maintenance . You can't harvest with a machine , Only workers can pull down one by one with their hands . You can't sit while working in the fields , I can only squat in the field full of weeds and bean stalks for a long time, and constantly pull down the full and mature peas with both hands , And if it's sunny , It can only be exposed to the sun . Imagine picking beans for a long time , In the sun 、 In geothermal 、 In mosquitoes , It's hard to imagine the difficulty in this . At that time, I saw that the bean pickers were sweating , Flushed face , Very tired , so , Peas are delicious and hard to grow !

A painter who paints from life in Dongshan scenic spot

Huaiyuan Dongshan scenic spot is a charming place , Every day , Especially in the morning , There are a lot of climbers . the elderly , Young people , Children want to climb this famous mountain forest together , That is to exercise , It can also cultivate sentiment , You can also enjoy the spectacular beauty of the mountains and rivers of the motherland .

The rainbow road

2021 year 4 month 29 It was written in the famous Jinyu city at the northern foot of Zhanggong mountain in Bengbu at noon