How do idealists face the reality

2021-05-01 00:14:19  作者:Life journey

The ideal is very good , Reality is thin . This is a familiar word that we can't be familiar with any more , Recently, I have been experiencing the taste of it , Acid bright .

I'm an idealist , But I never thought so , I see that as my ideal , Ambition , The source of motivation to work for it . But this afternoon, I was challenged to the skin , I want to work part-time to make money , But I can't bring out a decent specialty , Things that can bring me income , Everything is a dragonfly skimming water , What have I been doing all these years !!!

“ What I want to do ” and “ What can I do ” There's a huge gap between them , What you want to do , Have the ability to do ? Always want to think about , Look at it ! Time and time again the plan failed , Time and time again the idea failed , Again and again failed , Is it really my fate ? No , There are deeper reasons , therefore , Sort yourself out , Live more thoroughly , Experienced the vicissitudes of the world , Human sentiment changes in temperature , Have to face a reality , People are selfish , One who doesn't want to believe , But what I have to believe , A personal experience .

The real warrior is to see the world's sophistication , Human sentiment changes in temperature , Still love life . therefore , Be a brave man !

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