Let's take a group photo

2021-05-01 00:14:11  作者:Photography

I want to do a romantic thing

Record all the photos of our life

This is our first time together 23 A group photo

Photo time 2012 year 01 month 26 Number

Today is the fifth day of the lunar new year Let's go to Jiuhua Mountain to worship the God of wealth

Happy start I thought it was a walk away trip

Who knows " To obtain buddhist scriptures " Well You have to go through " It's hard in '98 " ha-ha

The mountain road has snowed into ice All the way there are people who skid and wrestle

The mountain road is steep and dangerous People up the mountain There are also half of them " huge crowds of people " I'm in a good mood

It really has to be done step by step to move forward slowly

How to climb the mountain Never forget

After finally getting up the mountain

That's a big relief

I'm in the mood to enjoy the snowy scenery

It was only then that I found that all my things were hanging on my baby

For me to walk light

Baby, one person carried the incomparably heavy spices and various items

I'm afraid I'm in danger of slipping Baby is always behind me

I'm really a super coward " children " 了

I dare not learn to ride a bike Dare not learn to swim

Learn roller skating I don't dare to fall on purpose to practice my protective posture

A little bit more dangerous In my case, it becomes " shudder with fear " 了

Baby always " Dislike " How dare I be so timid

But they always protect me Behind me