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2021-05-01 00:05:43  作者:Photography

Love for the world , I don't know where to start , But it's deep in the marrow .

Maybe the setting sun is too beautiful , May be 15 Years old is too beautiful . I often feel , Side 15 There is always hope in the eyes of young girls , It's like the morning glow spraying .

I like to stay in the corner of the library , Quietly build your own bookshelf , Put the books you like . In the busy study of the third year of junior high school , Come here quietly , Just a page or two , I think it's human happiness .

Walking alone on the asphalt road , Both sides are covered with green , Jasmine is not in bloom , But holding up a bunch of daisies on a piece of grass

The beautiful sunset is always accompanied by a slight wind passing through the hair , The quiet village is always accompanied by birds singing , How pleasant it is to be alive , What a wonderful thing .