Two sides of originality

2021-04-30 23:51:57  作者:Life journey

Today is a day when the sun and raindrops fight . The spring rain is endless and I'm not willing to rest , From time to time to brush a wave of existence . And today's sun has changed its tolerance , I have to squeeze the raindrops away , Show your face .

This day , The rain stopped , Stop and down . This day , The sun is hidden and blooming , Blooming and hiding . They are like naughty children , Playing the game of hide and seek .

My little brother is going to wear his summer uniform when shooting today , So I put shorts and short sleeves in my schoolbag . Although it's more than 20 degrees when it doesn't rain , But it's too early to wear shorts and short sleeves . So the old mother's heart , With the sun and raindrops playing hide and seek , Also ups and downs from time to time .

Not surprisingly late school , When I got my little brother , I always feel a trace of sadness in his smiling face ( Eight year olds , I don't seem to know what sadness is , Anyway, it's just a little unnatural .).

I asked for a while , not have understood until then , My little man , Today, my classmates “ joke ” 了 . For the sake of the effect , No matter the boy or the girl , They are all made up by lovely teachers . Girls make up , There's always a sigh , Because it's beautiful . Boy make-up is different , It's kind of weird , So it's a kid with a heart to talk , Said something that wasn't nice enough .

I asked my little brother , How did he deal with the problem . He said , He didn't talk to those people directly , Ignored their words , And ignored their faces . I can't help but give my child a thumbs up , Well done !

If I were , It is estimated that it will be directly connected back , Until the other party is speechless . therefore , I still admire my little brother's calmness .

Actually , I am a little distressed , Intentionally or unintentionally , Those words make my children unhappy .

But seeing my little brother's make-up , I can't help laughing . Because I often participate in the program or shooting , So it's not the first time my little brother has made up , I've seen him make-up many times , But every time I can't help laughing for a while . After all , The span from a man to a little cute is too big .

however , A comforting old mother , Reasoning is also first-class . From today's dual weather , Talking about everything has two sides of gain and loss , The little brother was full of smiles . Anything , You enjoy the extraordinary honor he gives you , Also accept that when you are different from others, others around you “ groundless talk ”.

At last he said with a smile , Mom, I'm hungry , Please treat me to dinner . then , I sent him off with a bag of gooseberry and a cereal pancake .

There are two sides to everything , It's like “ A blessing in disguise , Behind bad luck comes good luck ”, It's like “ Fortune is the source of misfortune , Misfortune is a blessing .” A turn for the better is often brewing in a difficult situation , There is always hope hidden in adversity , There are shadows under the aura, often . Be optimistic and strong in heart , With an open mind , Accept life ……

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