If I am a plant, can you understand me?

2021-04-30 23:38:46  作者:Photography

Maybe , Every plant , Everything , They all have their own language , Every moment , It's all about being recorded .

There was a sandstorm today , But I have to get something in the car , Go out at 7:30 , walking , I feel very happy , Falling in love with such a night .

night , It's like having your own breath , These plants , It looks so rich , They quietly , Like a gift from nature .

look , What I look like in the dark , Isn't it mysterious ?

People pass by me every day , Sometimes I'm anxious , Sometimes busy , Sometimes sad , Sometimes melancholy , But we don't have a lot of emotions , From sunrise to sunset , Enjoy the sunshine , Day and night .

I seem to be standing up , Take a look at that towering building , Will it also be green ?

The end of the blue sky , Whether it rains, too ……

Don't ignore me , Don't care too much about , I have always been .

Maybe one day you will pass by , Pick up your cell phone , You'll find me in a different way .

I've become more beautiful , isn't it? ?

I've been hurt, too , Shed tears , I have the vicissitudes of time in my heart , Those rolled up leaves , It's my heart , She's full of holes , But it's still popular .

Maybe there will be another wind , My life will go on , But it doesn't matter , What matters is the experience .

Look at them , Hand in hand , Shoulder to shoulder , Looking at the same distance , Even if the distance is not far , But still watch each other .

In my life , I can meet several people who are always with me ?

In the silver brain , What kind of memories will be poured out ?

The one who told you never to leave , Did you lose him ?

Life is hard. , But I'm happy , I'm like a rebel , For my proud dream , trying , Moving forward .

Kids doing homework , Wife washing dishes , They're all waiting for me to come home , But I always eat when you get together .

Pack up , Go to the dim light of thousands of families .

A thousand layers of snow rolled up in my heart , Go straight to the sea .

Even if you're lonely again , Even if it's lonely , I'm still me .

I can tell the world with pride .

I'm fine , If I wanted to , I'm happy .

You see , That delicate cheek , Leng is boiling the cold night .

These grass are so tenacious , I remember the sand just blown for a long time , In the sand of the mother river , Enjoying the feeling of love .

One by one , It's a straight squeeze here , What do you want to do ?

Oh , Together with the wind , Come and try to grab the camera .

Come here , Suddenly feel you are very lonely , I photographed you , But I can't see myself .

Sometimes , I'll sit on you , To think about a lot of things .

A lot of people , As if , From my world , It's a long way .

I know you , And you? ?

In my heart , There has always been such a beam of light , She's like a streetlight , When I get lost , Open her up , I can find a place to go home .

Light has its own language , Everything has .

Your light , On a night like this , Shine around .

I even forgot that I was in the night , I thought , I came to a green Elf Kingdom .

I don't know the unicorn's horn , Does it also emit beautiful light ?

I meet you , I understand , It turns out that loneliness is also a kind of beauty .

You look quiet , The most attractive .

The layers of reflection , Like your friend .

He's in , I'll be relieved .

Before , And I know your things as well as I do .