More into the sun, can be more inclusive of wind and rain

2021-04-30 23:38:26  作者:Life journey

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Everything grows , We all need sunshine .

Sunny , Warm enough in the tropics , Rice can grow three times a year .

The sun , Not only warm the world , It also provides the energy for all things in the world to survive .

However , Many of our young people , Slowly away from the sun .

They like nightlife , I'm used to staying up late , By day , morning , I can't get out of bed ; Stay at home in the afternoon , I don't want to go anywhere .

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In the evening , Slowly into a state of excitement , game , nightclub , Night snack , wait , Before three or four o'clock in the morning, I feel that the day is not complete enough .

One day, two days of this life , Maybe it's exciting .

But it's been a long time , It's not exciting , I'm playing with my life .

Often stay up late , Young people who don't go out during the day , An experienced person can see it at a glance “ This man is short of Yang ”.

Invigorating Yang Qi , Let's get a lot of sunshine , Exercise more .

Exercise in the sun , What a pleasure it is .

Close to the sunshine , Feel the warmth of nature , My heart will be warm and healthy .

More sunshine in my heart , Nature is not afraid of wind and rain .

There's no road in life that doesn't go through wind and rain , How to move forward in the wind and rain ?

Then go into the sunshine .

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