2021-04-30 23:17:38  作者:Photography

Yangmeikeng beach

Because the mermaid's shooting set fire to yangmeikeng , I'm also attracted to my partner , Along the long coastline , My cousin took me two self driving , Open the sunroof , The probe goes out with the sea breeze , Think loudly and shout , It's very comfortable .

I like a beach not far from the village , It's full of rocks , Fragmentary , The three of us stepped on the stone carefully close to the sea , One by one , Just to keep your shoes dry , In the end, I can't get what I want .

The water is very clear , The sea breeze is pure , Many couples come to take photos , Wedding dress , It's far from the city , I think that's why it's beautiful , This is the fishermen also began to start a tourism business , Take tourists out to yangmeikeng Mermaid scenic spot , But we chose to rent bicycles and ride the coastline , Slowly and leisurely , Maybe let me find out more about it .

I took a lot of pictures along the way , It's also a wonderful moment in our memory , Sometimes I want to go to , I like to face the sea , The feeling of spring flowers blooming , I prefer the quiet countryside to the city , This is not too much of a struggle , ha-ha , Let it go , It's also a matter of happiness to pursue one's inner desire .