Time is quiet

2021-04-30 23:11:34  作者:Literary FM


rain 、 Petals and the silence of midnight

They are all

Before the ticking of the clock and the second hand

Things that rise to the top

I can't tie them up like the past

I haven't had time to

Take them out of the dust

croaking of frogs

It's like an empty valley of time

I haven't had time to distinguish

The echo of early summer not far ahead

It comes from

Yours or mine

Which year

At dusk in spring ?


It's bright behind the dark clouds

With a chart compass needle

Leading a huge fleet to return from the end of the sky

Holding the ancient 24 solar terms

Position the plowshare

From time to time, the alarm rings ——— You are off course !

The route has been rescheduled

Oh ! open country outside a town

The grass is green

An old pine withered in front of the hill

Yellow needles

raw , die .

Growing up in different forms

In the fundus or cognitive blind area

Time is quiet

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