Written at the end of April

2021-04-30 23:11:28  作者:Literary FM


Time , Always ruthless , Every minute goes by 、 It's gone …… The most beautiful April day in the world , Another year , Once again, , It's gone ," April is the end of the world ". happy , It's always when you lose that you're interested , When you mean it , It's another sigh of melancholy , But what ?

Our days , It's in such a fast and slow way 、 Send . Everyone seems to take pity on time , It's always at the end of the month , Particularly sensitive , I have a special feeling . Just because of the crisscross , Wipe shoulder 、 Change your eyes 、 Go away , Always seems heartless . When you don't want to , Always the most attractive , Most cherish , Maybe .

Looking back on April , It's like passion , Very substantial , It's full of pursuit and victory . Run again and again , To prove myself , Test yourself , exceed oneself . In full swing , Tough and tenacious , I did stick to myself , Beat yourself . Physical , Of the soul , Fight against yourself . Step by step in the process of running the suffering and setbacks , Only oneself is the most clear , The pull of body and soul , Pain and joy .

The marathon , A person's own test , With extreme physical pain , To test the endurance and resilience of the soul . You can also fail , You can give up , After all, the body is real , Will doesn't conquer everything . A section of road , There is persistence , There's toughness , A man is his own hero .

Very fortunate , I'm the one who sticks to the end , The soul and the body have conquered the long and continuous road . Persistence and tenacity step by step , It's the firmness and tenacity of the body and soul , With such a strong body and mind , What else is invincible ?

The way of life , It's not exactly a marathon , There are still a lot of things I can't say clearly . The marathon , A road , The starting point 、 By way 、 End , plainly . The way of life , nevertheless " Mountains and rivers lead nowhere "," Entering the circle of mountains "," There are many paths in the woods , I don't know which road to set foot in ". No place for effort , There's nowhere to show ," Nowhere to speak ".

A road , Everyone has a body and a heart , You can start 、 On the road 、 arrive . but , It's totally different . Long and short , Fast, fast, slow , Everyone has their own direction , Everyone has their own rhythm , Everyone is an isolated self . everyone , It has to be yourself , Always on your own way .

The way of life , More than a marathon, too much tenacity and tenacity , Life is more than a marathon . but , The tenacity in between 、 Firm , insist 、 Firmness is interlinked , In the same way, to fight and defeat .

Days , Short and long days , And he looked at it with a natural and unrestrained heart . Take those years that nobody cares about , Make a pot of tea , Wait for the fragrance to disperse .

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