How to go to the bright road

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Dear teacher , Dear students :

Hello everyone !

The topic of my speech today is 《 How to go to the bright road 》.

How to go to the bright road ? That's how we can be successful , We are young at this age , It's a good time to work hard , As Zhang Jiunan said :“ Take advantage of the charm , Catch up with Zhengmao , Maybe it's a long way to go , Maybe never day and night , But I've never been afraid of .”

On the way to light , It's bound to go through a lot of ups and downs , Even if you step in the mud , And try to get yourself out .

As we all know, the story of sleeping on fuel and tasting gall , When Gou Jian was arrested, his life was at a low ebb , But he was not defeated by difficulties , Give in to setbacks , It's about putting your body down , Bow your head and be your minister , Finally, it's a comeback , turn the tide .

In recent years , Novel coronavirus pneumonia disaster caused by flooding water in the world , China's all out , Medical professors develop vaccines ; Medical staff treat patients ; The people are willing to work for medical staff , Protect their travel , Let them have a hot meal ; Effective policies at the national level ; Regions at all levels respond to the call , Implement policies ; The people are also actively cooperating , Don't make trouble for the society . therefore , With the joint efforts of everyone , China's epidemic is under control , We have achieved success , China has been successful .

And the United States is at a loss , Social unrest ; Not actively planning measures ; Not thinking and solving problems in time ; No control of population movements …… It's creating problems , It's China's trouble to spread it all over the place , Blame China , They even united with some countries to claim compensation from China . Eventually, it led to the destruction of one's own country , Heavy losses .

Compared to China , The United States doesn't try to solve problems , Surely it won't succeed .

To succeed , It must take ten years to sharpen the stamina and tenacity of a sword . When it comes to youth , It should be opposed to mediocrity . We as a student , Not much ability , But academic success is also success , Success in achieving goals is also success . Just as Xu Dan was admitted as a graduate student of Hunan University , He became a student of Professor Mao Yilin who gave Xu Dan a second life , This is Xu Dan's success . In the process , Xu Dan also experienced many difficulties . Xu Dan also said that he was tired , When I'm tired , The medical staff gave their lives to save , Tireless figure , It's Xu Dan's motivation to stick to it .

How to go to the bright road ? First of all, have a firm goal , Plus persistent efforts and ten years of endurance , And the courage to fight , The most important thing is to have a heart that believes you can do it .

The road to light , Doomed to thorns . Let's hold our sword high , Cut off all obstacles on the road ahead , All the way , To the light , put it over .

My speech is over , Thank you. !

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