A friend's advice

2021-04-30 23:07:46  作者:Photography

I made a cold skin in the morning and brought one to my friend Xiaolan .( We both work for the same company , So a little delicious, thinking about each other .) She didn't come up for the meeting in the morning , Towards noon, I don't think she's moving yet , I called her again , Who knows she just called , I said, why don't you take it ?!

She was almost crying on the other end of the phone , I was very surprised , Well, how could that be ?! I can't help asking with concern , It turned out that her father was seriously ill and sent to the hospital for rescue , I don't know what's going on yet ?! She and her husband are going to drive back to their hometown in Sichuan , For the next few days, please give it to me . Of course, I took all of them , So she doesn't have to worry about the kids , I'll take care of her , Just as I asked my daughter to come home to her . We are both married far away. It's also a good idea to help when we are in danger !

At this moment, the couple who are still on the road are really hard-working , I sincerely pray for my old father , We must carry it over , Let them not suffer so much , Because there is no regret medicine in life , There are just responsibilities and responsibilities that can't be lost !