Tourism strategy of Taoyuan cave in Yong'an

2021-04-30 23:00:43  作者:Photography

Yongan Taoyuan cave tourism strategy

Taoyuan cave is very good , I didn't expect ! Take a bus from Yong'an bus station , only 20 minute ,5 element . Taoyuan cave is not a cave , Enter the door and face the huge rock , It's spectacular ! To climb a mountain , There is the longest and narrowest line of sky in China , There's a Guinness record . It's one-way street, of course , It's very difficult for fat people to get through . To climb 206 A stair , Part only 40 Centimeter wide . But when you climb to the top, you will have a very beautiful view as a reward . Look down from the top , I found a scenic spot on the opposite side of the river , You can cross the river from the bridge , There is also a plank road on the opposite mountain , But no tourists . I wanted to go over and have a look after the tour here , But I'm worried about climbing again , Gave up .

It's another way down the mountain , Back to the exit . There are diaries left by Xu Xiake , It's really tasteful to read , It's a great traveler !

At the fork in the road , There is also a Baizhangyan scenic spot , Just go and have a look . Who knows I left 40 minute , There was no exit at all . There are steps up the mountain next to them , It's going to be very high , There seems to be a temple on it . Where does it lead to ? I do not know! . Can't , I had to go back the same way . The directions of this scenic spot are not clear , There should have been a hint . We went back and forth a lot 80 minute , Fortunately, it's a flat road , Not too bad .

But on the whole , Taoyuan cave is good . Especially the scenery on the top of the mountain is very beautiful .

On the bus from Yong'an south station to Yong'an bus station , A chance meeting 84 The old man, who is three years old , Traveling alone from Shanghai . He has a quick mind , Easy to move , I admire you so much ! He has a lot of travel experience , He reminded us that we could visit Guan * Shan, Liancheng , It's beautiful . I'll turn on the map of Gaode and have a look , Sure enough ! If you go by motor train , want 1.5 Hours ,74 element ; And if you go by car , only 2 Hours ,35 element . Obviously the train is a long way around , And the bus station is next to the hotel . ok , After returning to the hotel, we set off for Liancheng ! In fact, last year 11 We also plan to go to Liancheng when we travel on the moon , Later, the line was changed temporarily , I didn't do it . Since it's not far this time , How can I miss it again ?

I added the old man's wechat . Looking at his back in a hurry , I thought to myself , I hope that when we get to his age, we can go out and play like him ! Later, through wechat circle of friends , Found that he soon ran to Chaozhou , After a while, I came to Hengyang , Recently I went to Zhangjiajie ! I can run ! It's very hot ! I want to persuade him to take it easy , Old age, after all , You should take your time . But it suddenly occurred to me that someone once advised me not to climb mountains every day , If you are tired, you will lose more than you gain . Did I hear that ? So I changed my mind . How about it? , As long as he feels happy , Whatever you want ? People can't live forever .