In preparation for pregnancy

2021-04-30 22:59:54  作者:Photography

It is said that : Both men and women begin to be urged to marry at a certain age , When it's over , It's on the agenda again , I was urged along this process . The wedding was completed last October , Because there are cysts in the back for surgical treatment , So we have to do everything we can to prepare for pregnancy so far .

I called my mom last night , Although the old man was hit by a car at noon yesterday , I have a muscle strain , Fortunately, nothing serious happened , Mom is the most miserable . But still chatting and caring about my pregnancy , First, I asked if I had menstruation , When you hear it's coming , The sound can feel the loss across the screen . And I'm afraid I'll be too busy , Let it be and don't put too much pressure on yourself , Poor parents .

Without the urging from my parents in law , My mother has taken on this important task , But we both want to have a baby , It's just that this one doesn't just come , All in the case of good efforts , Let it be !