Talk about the goal

2021-04-30 22:59:49  作者:Photography

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How are you doing with the goals you set at the beginning of the year ? Maybe a lot of people are not embarrassed smile ! Goals are just goals , It's written in a book and never moved ! I have the habit of writing goals every month , Take a look at the achievement of goals for four consecutive months , I just have an embarrassing smile ! Many aspects have not been achieved , The little book that wrote the goal just looked through it at the end of each month , I always remember when I want to compare the plans , In the process of implementation, I didn't look over my plan .

It's embarrassing to see this picture in capitals

So how can the plan effectively guide us to complete ?

Monthly plan weekly check , Review your plans every week , In this way, we can observe the progress of the target implementation , We can also compare what other goals have not been started ?

If you have a better way , Feel free to leave a comment !

The last day of April , Wish to be in 5 Check everything in the month !

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