Give up perfectionism

2021-04-30 22:40:41  作者:Life journey

sometimes , Although we have to dare to climb every peak of life , But when it comes to stumbling blocks , The best choice is to let go of yourself .

A lot of times we feel that life is too hard and tired , It's not all because life has brought us so much suffering , Most of the time, we set too high standards for unnecessary things , And this standard doesn't have much impact on the final result .

There is a saying that is very funny , But it makes a lot of sense : Nothing is difficult in the world , Just give up .

Of course, this does not mean that we should face life with a negative attitude , But for things that are not the main contradiction , With its 100 End of minute , Not as good as 60 End of minute .

These things are often not just like 100 Points and 60 The difference between the results of points 40 branch , And often it is 100 Points are basically equivalent to 60 branch , We've also got a way to do something else 40 Share your time and energy , It's not worth it .

Let's give an example of what happened today :

I met a colleague today , In a questionnaire word It took two hours to adjust a grid in the table . Actually, I think for a questionnaire , As long as the content is OK , And typesetting will not be misunderstood, there is no problem , Whether one of the lattices is really in the middle , It doesn't matter if it's perfectly aligned .

Although I said to her, I think it's OK , But she still thinks the layout of this grid can be more beautiful . Maybe for an obsessive-compulsive patient , You can feel comfortable and happy doing such things , But as a spectator , I can only say it's unnecessary 100 Points will only affect the future choice and progress .

If today's work is not busy , There's nothing wrong with adjusting a grid . But if we have a lot of things to deal with at the same time , Then we always have a problem with a grid. Aren't we embarrassing ourselves ? If we form this habit in our hearts , When the pressure of multithreading comes on us , We still hope that everything can be completed perfectly , So what are we going to do ?

So a lot of times it's not that our ability to resist pressure is not good , But we always put a lot of unnecessary pressure on ourselves .

When it's time to give up , choice 60 As a result, we often bypass unnecessary suffering , And let us let ourselves go .

On the road of life , I don't think muddling along is a derogatory term , Sometimes it's because we let ourselves go , On the contrary, I gained more opportunities and happiness .

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