The most important thing in a person's life is to have an ordinary mind

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The prosperous places are like smoke , Light life, quiet life . In plain life , It's all the warm fireworks in the world , Although it can't make people immersed in happiness all of a sudden , But it's just the bland warmth , It can make people feel real happiness . You don't have to be far away , Yiran forest water , Then there is . Haopu thought , Birds, animals, birds and fish come from their families .—— Liu Yiqing 《 A New Account of the Tales of the World 》

mean , The world is safe , Years static good , Fish and birds on a blind date , No worries . You don't have to run around , There are mountain wives and children , Bamboo shoots, ferns, wheat and rice , The family get along well , It's a rare blessing .

Du Fu's poems are more meaningful 《 Jiangcun 》, It's very thoughtful .

《 Jiangcun 》 The tang dynasty · Du Fu's Qingjiang River embraces the village , Everything is quiet in changxiajiang village . From go to come to the hall , Meet the gulls in the water . Old wife's drawing paper is a chess game , A young child knocks a needle for a hook . But there are old friends who offer money , What's more, micro body ?

Du Fu, who had been pursuing fame but no salary all his life, spent his whole life wandering and making a living . In the end, he was down and out , die in a strange land , We can't help but say that he left precious life experience for later generations . Maybe in his mind , There is no home for visitors , There is no difference between life and death . What's rare is that he has an inexhaustible state of mind .

From the perspective of modern people , Of course, we can say that he is ignorant of current affairs , But history has made it all . It's not that Du Fu didn't fight , It's not that I've never been flattered in order to gain fame and fortune . However, the times rejected such an intellectual with a heart and a sense of responsibility , That's the tragedy of the times .

As we are today , What kind of life orientation should be considered qualified ?

In plain life , It's the most real happiness to have relatives around . The traditional Chinese concept of home , It's full of children and grandchildren , Eternal fragrance . This point , That's right !

In plain life , Choosing the way you like to live is the most real happiness . It's the joy of life .

In plain life , Having a favorite career is the most real happiness . Career brings us stability and stable income . It's the economic foundation of life .

In plain life , Family reunion is the most real happiness . Happy families are mostly similar , Unfortunately, it's very different , Happy when you meet the right person , The wrong person is sad all his life .

Don't care about worldly eyes , As you like , Follow the right rhythm , Live a plain life with great flavor .

Home doesn't have to be big , It doesn't have to be luxurious , As long as the people inside , love each other , Work together for the future , Enough happiness .

Do what you like , Look at the beautiful scenery , Life is light , But also at ease .

Finally, a poem by Xin Qiji, represented by the heroic school, will be taken as the conclusion of mutual encouragement ! Maybe I can feel the breath of life that I was born with .

《 Qingpingle · rusticate 》.

The song dynasty · Xin qiji

The eaves are low , Green grass on the stream .

Wu Yin is charming in drunkenness , Who has white hair ?

Da'er hoes the east of Douxi , Zhong'er is weaving a chicken coop .

I like children to die , Lying on the head of the stream, peeling the lotus .

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