Clouds after rain

2021-04-30 22:08:29  作者:Photography

Often see such watercolor clothes , I can't bear to call it strange . Even if the sky is sentimental, the sky is old , But if the sky is merciless, how can it have such a charming look ! If I'm not careful, I'll “ fly swiftly as a frightened swan goose ” Four words to say , It has another look , I think it must know how to be coy .

It's in the middle of intoxication , I couldn't help laughing , Quietly admit that they are so greedy . The rain in front of the window is still my constant expectation , Now I've bought another one --------- The beautiful clouds after the rain .

I often want to turn into a wind , To touch such beautiful clothes , To dip in that gorgeous watercolor , To linger in such wonderful changes . If not , Even if it becomes a tall leaf , After the happy rain , I'm willing to 、 Look at 、 Waiting for the .

Ever since I met you , I'm familiar with your steps , It's not for no reason , But I'm not easy to say , Just silently engrave you .