2021-04-30 21:58:29  作者:Life journey

Dense drizzle

A few days of sunshine

Sometimes gentle Sometimes it's cold

Frivolous wind

From time to time caress smile floats by

Rubbings the shadow of early summer

A few grass

Looking around with a green head

A little flower

Half squinting and trying to relax

Jade like raindrops

Rolling back and forth on them

To find a way out

A light blue umbrella flower

It's a sunny day

Once again, the shadow of early summer

Swaying flowers and plants

Stretch your waist comfortably and smile sweetly

He wrote his own life

Uncertain weather

It outlines the ups and downs of the road

Point by point

Between splashing ink

Then he wrote his own world

The rain is pattering and the wind is blowing

The green leaves protect the flowers

Silently embellish the world

Light fragrance

With the wind that caresses my face from time to time

It records the footprints along the way

All the time …… extend ……

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