The encounter of youth Fengqing

2021-04-30 21:53:57  作者:Photography

2018 year , After graduating from junior high school, I decided to write , This is my first article , It's also an article written only for myself . One by one

I met two little girls , In the neighborhood .

The little girl is very small , One is about six years old , The other is at most four years old , Feet and legs are covered with mud , But with a smile into my eyes .

It's a rare leisure night , The moon is in the sky , She poured the ordinary world from top to bottom with her fairy dew slurry , Full and overflowing , It makes the thousands of common things have some Zen ; The wind is soft , With the moon , Make this monotonous empty bottle rich and interesting . On such a beautiful night , I really can't find any reason to stay at home . I went to the neighborhood to play football , I'm going to be with you .

The little girls saw me and the ball ,( The point, of course, is the ball ) Can't wait to grab the ball . They don't kick , Kick with your feet , The ball is like a broken wing but eager to fly , as blind as a beetle , After a while , That is, it fell into the haystack . I? , See this lively creature , Not willing to rob with them , I'm afraid I'll hurt the new life in this world .

“ brother , Come and kick it ! What are you doing ?” Oh my god , Is this tender and pure voice speaking to me ? All of a sudden , I felt an indescribable feeling like waking up in a dream burst from the bottom of my heart , Like a volcano triggered by innocent children's voice , Can't stop . I'm a mortal after all , A mortal who knows the world , And they , It's an angel girl , It's a dreamlike creature with its own magic !

I went over to , But it's stiff , Extremely unnatural . and “ The fairy ” They have no rules to play at will , in my opinion , But it's better than the morning light , More beautiful than the flowers in spring . this “ beautiful ”, Absolutely shook my heart , And it's almost smashed —— Root cause , It is that it sets off the pedantic dogma of adults too little , It's too small ! At the moment , This flower like child , It should be the leading role , I'm willing to be the foil of the green leaves . In a ball for ball run , In the joy of fighting , I found that I could never get back to the unrestrained state , Forever “ Grow up ” 了 , , in turn, , I find myself miserable . Think back suddenly , The one running in the woods , It seems that nearly ten years have passed since I tumbled in the grass , It's not fun anymore . I am now , There is a shallow gap with these children , It's every day , Every minute , Deepening every second ······

Maybe it's because of my preference , The older girl got the ball and kicked it to me , gradually , This aimless kicking game is only played between us . Young girls are not willing to , Run and jump and ask me for the ball , I was trying to tease her , Just don't give . She's in a hurry , Cry with me . I can't beat her , He gave her the ball , She laughed again . Children, after all , The mood changes so fast ? At the end of the day , This is just from that simple childlike innocence ! She doesn't know what calmness is , What is humility , Cry when you know what to cry , Laugh when you should , There's no hiding , Have no scruples . Oh my god , What kind of valuable reality is this !

For a while , Here comes the little girl's father , See his naughty daughter , Maybe I thought she was rude , He stepped forward quickly , Yell at her recklessness and blame her for soiling her body . The little girl was stunned first , Then it was quiet , It's been quiet for a long time , Finally, she left slowly with her father , There was no smile on that face .

My heart seems to have suffered a heavy blow , Looking at the little girl's back for a long time . How many of us are childlike , It was strangled by the so-called reserved and humble dogma of adults ? Children , These innocent and happy creatures , It shouldn't be controlled , They should run , It's time to let go , They should fly to their own sky with their hearts , Because of the clouds there , It's the best material to weave the bond of youth . And those “ Modest and respectful ” Such virtues , It's not what they should receive at this age “ gift ”, this “ gift ” It should be given back to the adults who force it to their children !

Children , It's an angel with broken wings , Just sew on the wings , You can fly high , Fly back to their original home . They should be innocent , It needs to be guarded , Rather than prematurely mature in severe criticism education . It's like this moment , The little girl completely accepted the short company of a stranger , Trust each other , How precious this innate trust is , But soon , This letter will gradually pass away with the passing years ······

Poor little girl , They don't realize that they won't always be little girls , They will have no choice but to compromise to the rules ; Will be forced to make a living and choose hypocrisy 、 Compliance ; Will certainly suffer tears and frustration to the edge of despair ; I'm sure I'll go through the high school entrance examination 、 College entrance examination 、 To apply for a job 、 competition 、 parting 、 sorrowful ······ ; They will also be forced to learn that the world is cool , All kinds of life ······

Write here , I suddenly realized that , This is the essence of life change in the world , It's a change of heart . It's very like an old Post pavilion on the top of a mountain, which has been changed by years , It wants to protect its original beauty, but it can't , Finally, I still can't stand the slaughter of the merciless years . Think of it here , I suddenly feel pain in my heart , Let tears fall with the rain on the eaves , My green and flawless heart in those days , Where is it ? The boy who runs under the dark sky with his mother's sleeve , Where is it ? The boy who pokes the willow leaves to play with sleeping insects , Where is it ? I suddenly feel that I have abandoned my youth , Forsaking growth , Almost sinful . And God seems to be alone with me , So that I can still have a corner left for the past in the deep memory of deep sleep , Still can vaguely remember that green and astringent forehead , Green cheek . With this memory , I have a childlike heart that will never die , There is a reason never to despair , With the courage to move forward , With an insight into the beliefs of all living beings , In the transformation of nature, it will not be motionless , Sitting in danger is like numbness .

I think , Between people , Trees and trees , Flowers and flowers are changing day and night , We're moving forward . Did I just meet a little girl ? Of course not. , I met years by chance , Meet youth , Met life 、 Growth and history .

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