Baby, baby

2021-04-30 21:53:28  作者:Photography

My daughter is my baby . Little life came into the world , Which parents in the world are not infatuated with , Looking at a baby's flower face , There is no way to express the love of flesh and blood , Call baby , A thousand words are among them . Time with my daughter , It's the baby of my life .

For my daughter , I just want her to be healthy 、 Grow happily , I don't want to show my ambition in her at all .

Being a man and teaching people are basically the same . What I value most in my life , That's what I want my children to get most in education . Go to a famous school , Find a lucrative career , How can this kind of thing qualify as a goal in life , So it can't be the goal of education . My expectations are much higher than that , Is to wish her to be a kind 、 Enrich 、 A noble man .