8.14 parents' meeting

2021-04-30 21:42:51  作者:Photography

Since I was informed yesterday afternoon , Set up a parents' meeting to begin , Not for a moment .

First, design the basic process of class meeting , The theme of the parents' meeting is student-centered . I will write an article at the end of the original plan 《 Youth is not rebellious 》 A case study is carried out in this paper , But because of time constraints , It's a lot of chores , The main reason is that I don't have a deep research in this field , So by the time the meeting was about to take place, the article had not yet taken shape , anxious !

What do I do ? Living people can still be suffocated by urine ?! Change your mind , Since I don't want to show my immature things to my parents , I don't want to fool people , I don't want to muddle through , Then adjust the last link : Let the children show themselves !

An hour before the parents' meeting , The last link was decided by Wang Jiajing 、 Jia Wentao uses English class time “ steal ” Write a little composition 《 Me and my eighth grade 》. Enlighten more students with their own growth experience , To help more students overcome difficulties , Face yourself .

In an hour ,8 grade 14 Class by a few children presided over the parents' meeting, a new start

Time :2021.4.30

place : classroom

host : Xie fengshuo 、 Sun shuoxin 、 Xing Yan

primary coverage : Prevention of drowning , Letter of responsibility for delayed service , Adolescent psychological problems , What did the teacher teach me ?

Meeting process :

1. The first theme of this parents' meeting was read out by Xie fengshuo , Read the drowning prevention letter , And take pictures . The little girl is very generous 、 Learn to correct the cavity circle , Adjust the atmosphere of the venue to be vivid 、 In full swing . Praise the little girl ! That's great !

2. It is signed by Xing Yan who is responsible for the safety of extended service . Because Xing Yan is smart, quick and quick , And patience is not enough . Ask him to be the host just a little : Try to attract parents by yourself , Let parents listen to you . It's hard for us 14 Ben's big baby , He would occasionally run away in class , Sometimes it's a little bit impetuous , It needs to be sharpened . children , You need to grow , You need to enrich yourself , We need to cultivate character , We need to work hard . Being a host is not his strong point , But also in the past .

3. Sun shuoxin reports the current situation of the students' thoughts in the class . Sun shuoxin , He'll always do a good job 、 But still a little shy man , I have been contributing to the class silently , Manliness , Man's responsibility . Good boy , There are others in my heart , I wish you a great self !

4. By Wang Jiajing 、 Jia Wentao shows 《 Me and my eighth grade 》, Two bean curd years 、 In the prime of life, children go together , And each narrates his own growth , As Wang Jiajuan said “ Close sad close close , The road ahead is long and bright ”, That mind , I'm very impressed , It's a pity that Jiajing's mother didn't come on a business trip , Otherwise, I'll be happy and burst into tears . Jia Wentao is a conscientious child , I inadvertently put a word into their own forward momentum , Keep pushing yourself , Next goal , Before the whole school 50 name . Whether achieved or not , teacher 、 Parents will give their full support , children , You just have to fight back ! Don't hesitate ! Teachers will be back-to-back , I'll give you my best !

5. With appreciation of Xie fengshuo , I'm satisfied with Xing Yan , Thanks to sun shuoxin , Praise for Wang Jiaqian , The encouragement to Jia Wentao and the encouragement to Jia Wentao 、 Wang Jiaqian 、 Nie Linxi … Express : I hope you all cherish life , Study hard !

Good boy ! As sun shuoxin said :“ The world is uncertain , You and I are all black horses . There is no point in winning , It's possible for you and me to ”! The children , Bring your dreams with you , Set off! ! Youth life is not just rebellious because of their differences with their parents , More to use to write the miracle of life !

Babies ! come on. ! It's a long way to go !