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2021-04-30 21:42:37  作者:Photography

《 On • Photography 》

Love group album / Season two ~ The first 52 piece

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writing : Bi Yi

Now I'm learning photography , It's getting easier . There are various training institutions in the society , There are many classified books in the bookstore , There is... On the Internet N Multi script tutorial , Of course , There are also some travel groups , It's so colorful , Convenient to the extreme . So that film friends have more opportunities to learn , It has also led to the prosperity and development of many related industries .

I took a training class , Bought a photo book , I've seen the online course , It's just that I didn't take part in a travel group . Why? ? There are three reasons , firstly , Don't have the time , Those regiments are usually around a week . second , It's too expensive , Because there is a photography teacher leading the team to guide , And they are all famous scenic spots with beautiful scenery , Many of them are foreign . third , It's so quiet , I don't like a lot of people shooting the same thing , I'm willing to create by myself , Hope to make a different image .

I don't mean to elaborate on the advantages and disadvantages of learning styles , Differ from man to man , Different demands , As long as you can learn technology , Make friends , Happy filming , Enjoy the pain and joy , It's already very good .

This work shared with friends today , What's in the picture , It's probably the creative moment of a photography group . The author has unique insight , Put the status of the film friends who are seriously creating into the mirror , And reflected in the water .

There are two remarkable points in it .

First of all , Subject matter . When everyone else is shooting a scene , You shoot again , The pictures are bound to be similar . And focus on the film you're creating , But it's a new way , Unique presentation .

second , visual angle . The camera is not aimed directly at the film friends , It's about taking pictures of people in the water . This effect , obscure , It's also true and illusory , There's a fantastic feeling .

You see , Although there are many more ways to learn photography nowadays , But the technique of following the crowd , Press the shutter without thinking , The photos taken can only be the same , It's just meaningless scrap .

Motor brain , new , No matter where it's shot , It's the first requirement to create a good film .