Little parting

2021-04-30 20:52:49  作者:Life journey

The moon and the water are sad ,

I love you every time .

Between tears and smiles ,

Don't drink away from others .

( Chinese new rhyme )

notes :

The waning moon is hanging in the sky , Silent . The lake receives the light of the moon , It reflects her quiet and secret mood . They are so tender at the moment , With a sad look .

That year today , The girl met a special boy . She looked at him secretly , I'm enjoying a different pleasure in my heart . She knew that , In her heart , I've planted my love .

They are talking in words , But making eye contact . She sensed his joy , But I feel more lonely . Her heart seemed to cry , It's like laughing again .

The three of them had another cup of tea with each other . finally , They had to leave separately . She went back and looked , The boy was holding the girl beside him , The farther you go .

She lowered her eyes , Touch your eyebrows . She finally understood a truth . some people , I only meet for a moment in my life , But once we leave , But for a lifetime .


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