Show weakness

2021-04-30 20:52:29  作者:Life journey

Walk with my friend Yingying at night , Yingying is happy to tell me , The cucumbers in her vegetable field 、 Sauteed Green Beans 、 Luffa shelf , My husband is all set up , It's solid , I don't know how happy I am !

Yingying is still in a sad mood , How to build these shelves . Husband, don't talk about putting on airs , He would not go to Laidi to order . Happy farm , From digging , Growing vegetables , Take the food and so on , It's all about Yingying alone , My husband doesn't care .

My husband is also a shopkeeper , But this time of year I , The body is not good . Letty's work , I said I can't stand it . My husband digs the ground consciously , Buy vegetable seedlings , Growing vegetables , Set up the cucumber , Sauteed Green Beans , Luffa and other shelves . Go to the vegetable fields from time to time after work , Pull out the grass , Loosen the soil .

I'll give Yingying some advice , Tell her husband to show weakness in front of him , Just say that you can't build a good shelf . Her husband was hit . Why can't I put up the shelves , He's going to get a ride .

The shelves are set up , In front of my husband, give me a good compliment , Talk about the shelf , Other people's shelves are not as strong as theirs .

it seems , In a home , Women are too strong , There's nothing wrong with men . To make a man have something to do , Have the strength , Women seem to show weakness from time to time .

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