A locksmith with half skill

2021-04-30 20:52:21  作者:Life journey

The company didn't have enough keys the other day , I got a locksmith to match some . The warehouse and the gate are open , But I can't open the office ! I have to , I had to go to him twice , But it didn't work out . Can't , I'm embarrassed to find it myself , be forced to give up .

Last time I went to , He just made a random change on the key he was given . The second time , He reasoned that the key was too long , After a short reconstitution, it still can't be opened , I'm speechless : At least he has been running a shop for several years , Can't you even match a very ordinary key ? And he also advertised that he could unlock the lock 、 Mend the lock 、 With the key , Isn't it obvious to deceive people ?

It's here , I think of changing the lock cylinder more than two years ago : I just moved a new house , Accidentally lost a key to the gate , The idea of changing the lock cylinder . It happened that there was a locksmith at the gate of the community , After asking about the price, it's only a few dozen yuan , Just ask him to come home and change the lock cylinder . As a result, he spoils the lock , Insist that the quality of the original lock is too poor , I want a whole one to be replaced . Can't , To lock up the house , Had to spend more than 200 to change the lock ! Is this the cunning of the locksmith 、 false 、 Do you have any calculations ? Such a locksmith , Once is enough , Will there be business next time ?

To do things , People can be trusted , It's that you're valuable and worth exchanging , Not as skilled as a man , It's better to shut up and improve ; With a little knowledge of the so-called “ Skill ” I want to live with my wits , Can only “ ha-ha ” 了 .

Smart people are not uncommon in the world , He thinks he's smart , You underestimate people too much . Do things with integrity , To settle down . Don't always think about opportunism , Don't insult the wisdom of others !

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