"Star moon sword (copy off real charge)" game introduction

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Game introduction and basic introduction 【 Introduction to the game 】《 Star Moon sword 》 It's an action card hand game with the theme of Oriental immortal , The game interface uses Xianxia background elements , Add classic collection Xianxia system to the game 、 Spirit beast system and array system , The play is changeable . A lot of immortal combination and gorgeous skills , So that players can integrate into the ancient immortal world, increase the immersion of the game and battle . Mission system 、 Sign in system 、 The game guidance and game mode are relatively perfect , Can give players comfortable and convenient game experience , All kinds of elements are added to the game to promote players' desire to improve themselves , Let players get the appropriate satisfaction in the game . The theme of the story is based on ancient Chinese legends , In the game, we perfectly restore the world outlook of ancient Chinese legends and the main plot of classic characters , Players can be in a place full of mystery 、 Fantasy 、 novel 、 Adventure in an exciting world , Enhance the player's own strength by fighting with other immortal swordsmen . The game features 【 Emphasize the gorgeous combat experience of action 】l Rich combat action : exceed 100 A character , All using bone animation technology , Give users a vivid fighting experience ;l Gorgeous combat effects : Horizontal semi instant combat mode makes combat performance more wonderful , The combat special effects with great ornamental effect make the players dizzying ;【 Real time control brings combat pleasure 】l QTE Combat system : Players can use QTE To release the skills of each character , Compared to the traditional round game , Fighting is more intense and exciting .l Real time control brings combat pleasure, rich combat strategies l After the introduction , Enter the select character interface , The name can be random and customized . After entering the game , You can see that other immortal characters in the game are classified as attacks 、 Treatment 、 Skills and defense .l Front and rear stations , With monomer 、 Horizontal row 、 Vertical row 、 All of you 、 The least attack blood 、 Specific attack methods such as minimum defense , Constitute a rich position strategy .l Understand and express the characteristics of turn based games : stun 、 silence 、 Low 、 poisoning 、 Burn, etc 20 An abnormal state . Electrical enhancement 、 Fire attack and other gain states , Additional damage can be done by attacking the enemy in a specific state , It makes the whole fighting process changeable 【 There are many ways to play – It's full of crises 】l 5 Big game 10 It's an operational game :pve、pvp Various color systems allow players to explore the game world freely ;l Oriental fantasy background : Each play comes from the challenge in the fantasy world , Let players in the process of the game better into the world view 【 Develop and cultivate your own immortal 】l Immortal cultivation : By upgrading Xianxia level 、 Upgrade Xianxia skills 、 Upgrade Xianxia star, let Xianxia continue to grow , Let players cultivate one powerful immortal from scratch . Xianxia develops 【 You can choose more than one immortal 】 Players can customize and cultivate their favorite Xianxia , The rich fairy tales are waiting for you to challenge 【 There are many ways to improve Xianxia 】l Immortal cultivation : By upgrading Xianxia level 、 Upgrade Xianxia skills 、 Upgrade Xianxia star 、 Evolution makes Xianxia grow up , Let players cultivate one powerful immortal from scratch . Evolution will change the appearance of some immortals 【 Xianyuan 】 There is an immortal relationship between different immortals , At the same time, the fighting power of Xianyuan Xianxia is doubled 【 The protagonist Ji Chen's exclusive way of promotion - Enlightenment 】 Enlightenment is Jichen , Exclusive upgrade system, players can pass the level , Get the Enlightenment of the Tao and activate the node of enlightenment , Strengthen the cultivation of Jichen equipment 【 There are many ways to upgrade equipment 】 Gear up ; Equipment upgrade ; Gear up ; Equipped with Shengxing ; Gems are inlaid in many ways , More fun 【 It's a magic weapon 】 Each immortal will have a designated special magic weapon . Players can upgrade stars by consuming props , Upgrade attributes . The exclusive magic weapon has been promoted to a certain stage , Can increase attributes or skills 【 Xianyuan equipment 】 Each immortal has its own equipment , There is an introduction to how to play with extra attribute bonus when wearing Xianyuan equipment 【PVE】【 checkpoint 】 The level is divided into two modes: adventure and exploration. Each mode provides 21 After the passage of the chapter map, you can get the corresponding treasure chest reward according to the star rating. Challenging the level requires a certain amount of physical strength , But you can't challenge the barrier when you have no physical strength . Physical strength will automatically recover over time : After winning the challenge , There is a certain probability to get the number of immortal deeds ( It appears in the lower left corner of the interface ) When there is a certain After the number of times of the immortal hero's deeds , You can enter the corresponding deeds to get rewards 【 Daily practice 】 Players can challenge different types of trials every day , There's a limit to the number of times you can get your daily resources , Every day, every type of challenge at most 2 There are difficult choices in this challenge , The more difficult , The more rewards you get, the more difficulty you have to pass first , To choose the next challenge 【 Ancient demons 】 In ancient times, the devil was every day 13 Point and 21 Click to open a full-service game. When the game is opened , All players will attack together Boos Ancient demons , Calculate the reward according to the damage ranking 【 Fairy house 】 Fairy house , Players will climb the tower , Layer by layer of challenges , And limit the number of players , To test the different lineups . The fairy house is full of 105 layer , Rare items such as spirit beast fragments will be rewarded through the corresponding layer 【 Voldemort 】 In Voldemort , The immortal Knight corresponding to the player's volley with others . In the process of subduing the devil , You can get the corresponding immortal fragments 【PVP】【 On the Taoist temple 】 Players can compete with other immortals in lundao hall , Competing for rankings 【 Treasure Fair 】 At Qibao “ The source stone ”“ Spermatogenesis ” In the absence of , Players can rob other immortal practitioners of “ The source stone ”“ Spermatogenesis ”. Seizing needs to consume divine power. There is a certain probability of seizing after every victory ( It's possible to succeed, it's possible to fail )【 Xianyuan Conference 】 The immortal cultivator takes part in the competition with his immortal knight to duel with his opponent , Elimination system , According to the ranking range, Xianyuan conference is divided into two parts: preliminary and final 0:00-19:30 For the registration period ,20:00-21:00 It's the start of the game ; Zhou 5、6 For off-season players, they can get extra rewards by wagering : The gold coin gets the reward condition : Whether the player who bets will be number one 【 On the struggle of Tao 】 On the way of fighting for power , Players can challenge multiple towers , You can choose your own difficulty , Challenge to win , Players can get rewards and points ; The corresponding score will give the player the corresponding rank , In order to make players more clearly aware of their own strength challenge before the strategy choice, enhance the players' awareness of the immortal knight errant and the reasonable arrangement of the lineup, before the challenge, players can choose different bonus conditions , Different conditions will lead to different points after victory 【 Clan war 】 Clan war is a confrontation between clans. Players can register during the period of playing , Fighting for the clan , Race time for clan ranking : Zhou 1-4 Points week 5 Elimination week 6 Final cheering players can cheer for the clan during the game , The clan that is cheered can get attribute bonus , Cheering players can also get certain rewards 【 Fight for the city 】 City competition is based on clan competition , It's a long-term way to gain resources. City players can occupy by clan 、 Seizing the city and occupying the city can get a certain reward. The wild immortal players themselves can attack the wild immortal on the map every day to get a reward. After occupying the city, the Lord clan can fight every night 8:30-9:00 Start bidding for the city occupied by the clan, and the player with the highest bid will become the Lord of the corresponding city , You can get rich rewards when you become a city leader 【 clan 】 Players reach 20 Class time , You can choose to join a clan , Looking for like-minded friends , Common game collection players complete the corresponding conditions , You can get achievement collections, and players can display collections in the information interface , Show strength and fight 【 The way we fight 】 Combat use 6v6 Way round system 【 fighting buff】 Immortal skill will add a lot of buff, Players need to rely on buff Plan your own battle strategy 【 Combat strategy - Psychic animal skills 】 Psychic animal skills , It helps to change the situation . Players have to think carefully about the spirit beast skills that are suitable for them. Every round will , Recover a certain amount of energy , When there's enough energy , You can release the spirit beast skill ( Manual or automatic ) Get the props to upgrade the spirit beast skill through the immortal Mansion