How can girls make themselves more independent and confident

2021-04-30 17:56:38  作者:Photography

1、 Pay attention to image . Even if it's not beautiful, you have to be clean and tidy , Learn how to dress . When the image is better, the whole person's state will be better , You'll find that there are more friends ;

2、 A good talk . Don't be in a hurry , Slow down , It makes you look more stable and virtuous ;

3、 Read more . Your words and deeds reflect the books you have read , What happened . Reading is the lowest cost investment for a person ;

4、 Exercise properly . Cut down on the amount of time you spend on drama , Exercise once or twice a week , Stick to it for more than three months and you'll find yourself changing ;

5、 travelling . Take a look , See more scenery, see nature will slowly improve ;

6、 A lot of things to feel carefully before making a decision . Big things follow your heart , Don't worry about what seems reasonable . It's going to stop you from hearing the truest voice in your heart .

7、 Talk less, make less decisions . A gentleman's words are too late , take more time to consider the matter ;

8、 Listen to music when you're in a bad mood , Write a diary . Don't talk to someone when you're not happy , Everyone has his own business, has his own troubles , No one is obliged to be your trash can for negative emotions .

Think of these for a moment , I'll add later . Park meditation feeling

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