Reading association opens

2021-04-30 17:56:33  作者:Photography

Reading will enlighten and enlighten the mind

writing \ chart Hao primary school Li Fengmei

4 month 29 Japan , A small farmyard in Yong'an village of Zhengding County is boiling . In order to inherit the excellent culture of the Chinese nation , Advocate reading , Open the way to wisdom , Dozens of writers from Hebei Province 、 Poet 、 The reciter 、 Performer 、 Famous painters and calligraphers gathered here , To attend the unveiling ceremony of Wuxin reading club sponsored by Hebei famous enterprises College of Arts , Send culture into farmyard .

Liang Jianzhang, executive vice president and Secretary General of Hebei prose society , A famous writer 、 Poet 、 Executive vice chairman of Hebei cultural celebrities commonweal alliance 、 Executive vice president of Hebei Association for exchange of celebrities and enterprises at home and abroad 、 He Yongli, President of Hebei famous enterprise College of Arts , President of the National New Media Alliance 、 Vice president of China Association for the promotion of harmonious culture 、 Vice president of Hebei famous enterprise College of Arts 、 Hao Xiaoxue, Secretary of the Party branch of Shijiazhuang poetry society , professor 、 Painter Li Fengmei , Li Yuanyuan, vice president of College of enterprise culture , Gao Sufen of the Secretariat 、 Li Mingzhi 、 Duan Qiuju 、 Li Yumin , Zhang Shuhui, a essayist , Wang Ning, curator of Zhengding County Cultural Center , Lu Jianlou, a hero who is brave for a just cause , Su Xinping, a calligrapher and painter 、 Du Lixian 、 Yu bingnian 、 Li Wenyan 、 Wei Tiegang 、 Yunrong will 、 Yang Jianming 、 Li jianxin 、 Wang Hong 、 Chen Fuling 、 Chen Honglin 、 Zhang Qisheng 、 Lu Wenshuang 、 Hao Haibin 、 Li Peng , Yang Handong and others participated in this activity .

Liang Jianzhang 、 He Yongli 、 Hao primary school 、 Li Wenyan 、 Su Xinping 、 Wang Ning and other representatives delivered congratulatory messages respectively , Congratulations on the establishment of Wuxin Reading Association , They are highly praised for their more than ten years' active contribution ; I hope Wuxin Reading Association will have its own characteristics , Do a good job , In improving the overall quality of the people , On the new journey of building a cultural power , Make a contribution .

And then , The painters and calligraphers not only gave away the carefully created ink treasures , He also splashed ink on the spot , Congratulations on the establishment of the Reading Association ; Other artists give away books 、 Red songs 、 Beijing opera singing 、 Harmonica playing 、 The way of poetry recitation . During the period, the winners of the poetry, calligraphy and painting competition held in Zhangjiakou City were also interviewed , On behalf of the Organizing Committee . Singing and laughing in the courtyard , The spring breeze blows , It's very warm .

I wish you great success , Steel is made by tempering . Song Linfen said : Doing good is like climbing a mountain , Though the will is true, the strength is not enough . That means a person , If a group of good people get together , Nature has the power to transcend time .

According to Wang Lijuan, President of Wuxin Reading Association , Wuxin community has gone through 14 years , Organized hundreds of activities , It's the power of good people to unite . Wuxin family always pay attention to the good hand in hand , On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the party , Set up the Wuxin Reading Association of Hebei famous enterprise college , It's a gift to our motherland , It is also a new responsibility of Wuxin community .

The reading club will be presented to the folks in the form of a reading salon . We will also teach famous teachers 、 Reading awards and other sections are gradually improved . Organize reading activities , Maximize the value of books given by celebrities , The upsurge of reading in the countryside , Build a healthy atmosphere with culture , Help to improve the temperament of the whole nation .

Books are the ladder of human progress , Books are the link of inheriting civilization , It is an indispensable spiritual food for human beings . In this book club, the whole people should be proud of advocating reading , It's my duty to read , Let the fragrance of books fragrance every inch of our motherland . Everyone agreed , Great power creates great miracles , To the good, to the beautiful , Reading is good for wisdom , Arm in arm , Always on the road .