Take my father home

2021-04-30 17:36:56  作者:Life journey

After the Spring Festival , My father lived with me in the factory . He is always bored in the factory , His mind has been on his favorite mahjong . The air pollution is surrounded by cigarettes in Mahjong hall , As my father gets older , The resistance is getting worse and worse , Every time I catch a cold, I have to stay in the hospital for a period of time , Make the younger generation exhausted .

Originally, my father and elder sister lived in a community , Elder sister is over sixty years old , When father is in good health, he can take care of himself , When my father was ill, my elder sister's head was big , So I took my father to the factory , Away from the chess room , Less illness . My father is less than 90 years old , All kinds of organs are aging , It's also accompanied by chronic bronchitis , There's oxygen in the factory , Oxygen can relieve the discomfort caused by asthma .

It's coming soon “ The May Day ” 了 , My father wants to go back and live for a few days . There's no oxygen at home , There is no car in the factory to deliver , I wonder if there is a gas station near my home . Call a friend in the oxygen business , He said , There has been no confession for a long time .

In fact, my father doesn't need oxygen for a few days , It's like it's ok if you don't hold a child , He is used to oxygen in the factory , The deaf father couldn't explain to him , Oxygen seems to be his life-saving straw . I've called in the huolala , I want to take the oxygen bottle home , As soon as they saw it was dangerous goods, they turned around and left .

The factory is full of big bottles of oxygen , My car can only carry small bottles of oxygen , If you are handed in * The police will be fined if they find out , My father didn't know the truth , It's a risk to send him back , The son is in a real dilemma .

Xiao Zhou, who rents my factory, has small bottles of oxygen , I can only borrow one from him . With this bottle of oxygen , Took my father home . I hope my father doesn't get better when he comes home this time, and he forgets the pain , Go to the chess room again .

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