Today's essay 2021.4.29

2021-04-30 17:31:42  作者:Photography

Good and evil are rewarded , My friend . It's not chicken soup , It's not superstition , It's just that there's no need to focus on or Revenge on those who hate sb.

The reason for them , It's going to end up on their own .

Lazy people , A flatterer , The person who shakes the pot , Arrogant people , One day I will pay for my character and behavior , One day, I will bear the consequences .

As for us , It's a short time to live , Limited time and energy , The most profitable thing is to be busy making yourself happy .

What's more, I can't “ act as if nothing were on one 's mind ” people , Let yourself live ten times and a hundred times better than them , It's my one-sided “ The fiercest revenge ”