Halo spectacle

2021-04-30 16:40:19  作者:Photography

Today, March 19 is the Christmas of the sun , There are halos all over the country 、 Rare phenomena such as solar halo !

Congratulations on the longevity and Christmas of the sun and the stars !

The ceremony of conversion from ambition to destiny ——

In the sky . In Zhujing palace . The highest of the ten . The trunk of the body is cured . On top of the three talents . To exercise power by virtue of the emperor . A year of cold and heat . Flat six gas and salty ten square . It's a dark night . Driving six dragons and ruling ten Chinese . The handle of seizing good and evil . According to He Yi . The right to determine merits and demerits . It's obvious . Order thunder . Remove evil quickly . Great sorrow and great wish . Great saints and great mercies . The sun . Yuyi Emperor . Weiguangbude . Cihui, Zhuri, Tianzun .

The picture was taken by chance !