How much is the most beautiful northwest of China worth taking?

2021-04-30 16:25:16  作者:Photography

Lonely smoke straight in the desert , Long river falling yen . If you have a chance, you must feel the bleak vicissitudes of the northwest in the off-season , Have the most beautiful practice in the world .

Sun and Moon Mountain

It's a birthday trip for myself , Thank you for your time , Growing up on the road , All the way to Gobi , Across the prairie , Over the mountains , Across the canyon , Make a wish to the stars in the northwest , May I have a dream in my heart , There is light in the eyes , Keep loving , Go to the mountains and seas !

The auspicious celebration of Ramadan

I'm very lucky to meet a kind driver , April this year happens to be Ramadan for Muslims , This is the most auspicious and happy day , In memory of Muhammad, the founder of Islam 40 When he was 15 years old, Allah taught him the Koran . Seeing the driver hundreds of kilometers a day , Only sooner or later , Stick to faith , It's really admirable . The auspicious celebration of Ramadan belongs to those who insist on faith .

Half of the lake

Thank you very much , In Qinggan, a strange but beautiful place , Encountered a long time no touch and innocence .

Half the desert

Sun and Moon Mountain - I wish you all the best

As the only way to enter the Qinghai Tibet Plateau

The sun moon mountain tells its story quietly

All the way to the Qilian Mountains

The red mountain top in the distance is covered with snow

Colorful prayer flags can be seen everywhere

It reposes the friendship of the Tibetan and Han people

The wind of freedom brings blessings far away

Sun and Moon Mountain

Sun and Moon Mountain

Sun and Moon Mountain

Qinghai Lake - The sacred lake

Known as the “ The most beautiful lake in China ” One of

It's the biggest inland lake in China

What you can't miss when you go to Qinghai Lake is the roadside scenery

It's more worth seeing than scenic spots

The scenery is picturesque all the way

Lake surface , Sometimes it's quiet , Sometimes it's surging

You can stop and go for a walk by the lake

Calm down and enjoy the beauty of this moment

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake

Cha Ka Saline Lake - The realm of the sky

Looking for a clean place in Chaka Salt Lake

This is the undisturbed world

The lake is like a mirror

People walk in the lake

It's like the middle of a painting

It's hard to tell what's true and what's false

dreaming Deep in it

Cha Ka Saline Lake

Cha Ka Saline Lake

Cha Ka Saline Lake

Emerald Lake - The treasure of the earth

I just feel that this is not a place in the world

Place of eye and Beautiful as heaven

Under a clear sky

The lake reflects the snow capped mountains in the distance

The sunshine spreads all over the lake

Lakes all over the world

Crystal clear , glittering

It's like the emeralds left by God

This is the lake that moves my heart most

Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake

South eight immortals Yadan - Dangerous and mysterious

Through no man's land

Experience the vastness and magic of ghost city

There are hills all over the place

Boundless sands Infinity

I can't help thinking of 《 No man's land 》

A film about humanity in an inhuman way

There is a saying deeply rooted in the hearts of the people

“ No money to earn back , After today, there will be no more .”

Yardang landform

Mogao Grottoes - Millennium art treasures

Remove the wind and sand deposited for thousands of years

The Mogao Grottoes have achieved a miracle

This is the highest and most complete Buddhist grottoes in China

Mural 、 statue 、 collect Buddhist sutras 、 Legend has it that ...

Traveling you

Be sure to see the magic here

That moment

The heart is an uncontrollable surprise

Mogao Grottoes

Mingsha mountain crescent spring - Desert oasis

Ride a camel With camel bells

Go to the depth of Mingsha mountain

night , Watching a starry scene in the desert

The wind moves the sand , The sound of sand is like crying

This is how the Milky Way appears

The Big Dipper is clearly visible

This romance , Can't help but feel

Mingsha Mountain

Crescent Spring

The night is drunk

Jiayuguan - There is a city in the city

Come to Hexi Corridor , This station is usually arranged , Guancheng stands , Qilian in the south , Chinese and foreign defense

More than majestic , Without literati touch up , I always think it's almost funny

In order to pay tribute to the old frontier soldiers 、 Silk Road camel bell , It's hard to avoid that the frontier fortress poems of the Tang Dynasty are in my mind

the moon at the fortified pass 、 Weicheng Opera 、 Liangzhou CI 、 Join the army 、 Get out of business … Children can recite backwards

Suddenly found out , This scenic spot , It's Jiayuguan on the surface , It's the business of Yangguan Yumen


Zhangye colorful Danxia - Gorgeous pictures

God knocked over the paint here

It's like being in a fairy tale world

The unique Danxia landform


Pure natural momentum is vast

Let people feel the power of nature

Colorful Danxia

Colorful Danxia

Colorful Danxia

lanzhou - Yellow River Mother River

A short stay can also be a rich experience

Here is the Yellow River , The museum , chain bridge , Beef noodles , Water car Expo Park ...

Be sure to go to Gansu Provincial Museum , Look at the horse stepping on the swallow , Learn more about the culture of Lanzhou , Feel the whole Yellow River civilization .

The museum

The museum

The museum

A little lucky on the way

Just on my birthday , I had planned to go to Dunhuang to have a good birthday party in the evening . I didn't expect to have a flat tire near the most beautiful highway , Per hour 120 Mai , There's a big hole in the rear wheel , The wheels are broken .

For the sake of safety , I called a friend's car at my own expense , Pick us up for the second half of the way , Use the spare tire to drive back slowly and replace it with a new one . Go through twists and turns , Contented to eat my little cake before zero . Birthday protection , prosperous , There must be future blessings ! Also thank the driver for his hard work in solving the problem .


food + Route strategy

Finally, I would like to recommend a five-day tour , This is more suitable for friends who want to travel to see the best attractions and come to Qinggan in the off-season , It is suggested that Zhangye be cut down - The journey to Xining .

D1: Starting from Xining - Sun and Moon Mountain - Qinghai Lake - Chaka Salt Lake - Su Delingha ( drive 500 km )D2: Delingha - Emerald Lake - South eight immortals Yadan - The most beautiful road - Oil town - Stay in Dunhuang ( drive 700 km )D3: Dunhuang - Mogao Grottoes - Mingsha mountain crescent spring - Stay in Dunhuang D4: Dunhuang - Jiayuguan - Zhangye colorful Danxia - I live in Lanzhou ( drive 700 km )D5: Lanzhou Gansu Provincial Museum - Yellow River Mother River - get home


Food recommendation along the way : Yak vermicelli soup , Hand grasping mutton , Lamb chops in Kang pot , Pasta , Qinghai old yogurt , Apricot peel tea .



After dancing in wine, the silk pipe is broken , Hibiscus flowers in the West . Come back to enjoy yourself . Looking forward to the next departure .