Heart with spring and summer (50)

2021-04-30 15:39:13  作者:Photography

Zunyi, Northern Guizhou Province, started yesterday , It's blue and sunny , The heat goes straight to 30 degrees . At dusk, I strolled to the City Gymnasium , In the crowd “ Two 、 Four 、 Dress in August ”, The old ones are still tightly wrapped , Middle aged thin clothes with a coat , Young T-shirt, short sleeve . The same climate , People of different ages have their own coping strategies , It's hard to say whether it's cold or hot for a while .

Qianbei District these days , There are so many vendors in the stands , Some carts 、 Some carry the burden , All of them are good-looking 、 The colors are attractive 、 I can't help looking at what I want to buy . What are they ? The newly listed ones are pure yellow pipa 、 Bright red cherry 、 Dark purple bayberry 、 also 10 element 3 The glutinous rice with a shell peeled . Don't look at the season 、 These things are everywhere in the south , But it comes from the big temperature difference in the day 、 The air is pure 、 Mountain , The taste is really different . I don't like fruit very much , I have a special liking for the glutinous Baogu in Zunyi . I didn't know what to do before , I think the whole world is the same , One year my mother-in-law came to Chengdu to see us , Zunyi Baogu and Chengdu Baogu brought a higher sentence , Only then did I know that Zunyi Baogu is so delicious . I went to Australia a few years ago , Sometimes it's not the right time to return home , My mother-in-law bought it and kept it in the refrigerator , Let's go home and eat . This is the moment of the year , Home cooked rice 、 noodles 、 Rice noodles 、 You can cook Baogu , Of course, cooking Baogu is my first choice .

Maybe it's cloudy and rainy for a long time , Fierce show of blue sky, beautiful sun and a bit not adapt to , I always think it's a bit dazzling to look out . But the fine weather was yesterday and tomorrow , After that, it was overcast and rainy again, and the temperature dropped , After a five-day holiday , It's early summer . The office workers at home have been planning to travel for a long time , I used to drive by myself, but this year I choose to take high-speed rail , Time is still firmly in my hands . We are at home with the old lady , After the long vacation , Wait for another opportunity to choose “ Poetry and the distance ”.