Original intention

2021-04-30 15:19:12  作者:Life journey

accidental , I started to pay attention to , Although not much , But found a lot of old pen pals are still . But also found a lot of “0” Word author , I don't know what he did . And a lot more , There are few pen pals who use words recently , Seems to understand a little . Because I've been slack , Because of time , Because of fun , Because everything in life .

In Jane's book , A year or two of adjustment , Nothing has been gained , I just expressed my feelings , I know some friends who are still comfortable , But words are words , There's no division of our emotional thinking , It's just like white .

Simple books , Slowly let people forget , Or some sentimental wait , It can be imagined that , Maybe I can understand .

however , I don't understand, but I seem to understand something , There are also some friends and teachers , They are, as always , There is no pursuit and Realization of drilling shell , One or two articles from real life come out silently every day , So touching . I'm always slack , It's all under their influence , In a kind of desire and worship , Pick up the pen again . Although I don't want to say anything , But always feel a little bit of life , Put it in pieces , Give interesting friends a little chat , Also give yourself a persistence .

Day by day , One by one , insist …… I don't know why ? Savor carefully , The only explanation you can find is : Beginner's mind .

Beginner's mind , The heart in and out of the simple book . What are you like ? Maybe we have the same .

The first intention is the same , The road is under my feet .

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