Is there anything worse than me in Jane's book? Weak ask

2021-04-30 14:45:16  作者:Photography

It's been almost a week , Not a lot of reading , It seems that the number of words may not be seen by many people , I've written a lot of words and probably read less , The content with a small number of words can also feel that there is no amount of reading , So I want to ask you , How do you improve your attention and communication , After all, it's a platform for communication and sharing , If no one looks at it, I always feel that what I do seems meaningless , Because there's no amount of reading , No comments , A little lost. , I would like to ask you questions sincerely , How to increase the amount of attention and reading , Eager for communication and reading , What topics are more suitable for ? There's a little bit of no direction to ask sincerely , Thank you and look forward to your reply , From a platform Xiaobai .