A left behind woman confides: my husband works outside all the year round. I fall in love with other men. I feel so miserable

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In the lyrics : The most romantic thing I can think of , It's growing old with you , Collect every bit of laughter along the way , Save it for later and sit in a rocking chair and chat slowly ……

“ Give me your hand , And son xielao ” It is the most simple love view of Chinese people , However, many people can't realize this little wish , This is the case with migrant workers .

Most migrant workers work in other places , The wife stayed at home to take care of the old and the children , They live a life of separation . They not only have to endure physical loneliness , And suffer from mental torture , Their living conditions are worrying .

Many left behind women are lonely and can't bear to do stupid things , It's irresponsible for the family , It's also a betrayal of marriage , This behavior cannot be forgiven .

Ms. sun is a left behind woman , Her husband works outside all the year round , She fell in love with other men , She was in great pain , What on earth did she go through ?

Miss sun 29 year , marry 5 year , There is one 3 Old son . She lives in the countryside , The family makes a living by farming , The annual harvest in the field is only 5000 More dollars , Barely able to make ends meet .

Soon after marriage, my husband went out to work , At first, Ms. sun sent videos to her husband every day , send the voice message , My husband often complains about her , Said she influenced his work , They're getting in touch less and less .

My husband goes home four or five times a year , They cherish those rare opportunities to meet , Every time I meet Ms. sun, I feel like a little farewell is better than a new marriage .

Ms. sun is usually alone at home , She's going to do housework , Serve the elderly , The crops in the field , After the baby was born, the burden on her became heavier , She often sleeps alone in the dead of night , She longed for her husband to be with her all the time , Live a normal life , She knew it was a long way off , She is destined to live apart from her husband for a long time .

My husband puts money on the card regularly , The family's financial condition has greatly improved . They get in touch two or three times a week , The topic is nothing more than “ How are you at home ”,“ Pay more attention to your body ” And so on , Most of the time, Ms. sun has to face all kinds of trivia in her life by herself , such “ Widowed type ” She was tired of her marriage .

After the Spring Festival, she met a strange man on the Internet , They are very chatty . That man often hisses the cold and asks the warm , Care and preparation , It warms Ms. sun's heart . With the deepening of communication, their feelings are getting better and better , He gradually became the spiritual pillar of Ms. sun .

Then they met in private , They go to the movies together, go shopping together, eat together , She can't control her restless heart , Everything that should have happened happened . They dated 3 More than a month , Ms. sun fell into the man's arms , I feel sorry for my husband , She suffered a lot , She's in pain , I don't know what to do .

After reading Ms. sun's experience, I believe many people will find her hateful , She did something wrong , She said she was so pathetic , Instead of ending this abnormal relationship as soon as possible, she is stubborn , Does she want to win sympathy or put the blame on her husband ?

Her husband goes out to work to earn money and support his family , Let the wife and children have a good life , If he stays at home all the time , When it comes to poverty, Ms. sun will complain about her husband's incompetence , Maybe she will betray her marriage , The root of the problem is not her husband , And in her .

Ms. sun represents the current situation of some left behind women , My husband works in other places , They stay at home , After living in two places for a long time, they tend to have different ideas , The reasons are as follows 3 spot .

First , Women are sentimental , Fragile and sensitive , It's often difficult for a woman to control her emotions when a couple is separated , The burden of life was so heavy that she couldn't breathe , She can't get care and love from her husband , At this time, as long as there is a man courting her , It's easy for her to accept that man , And take her husband's place in her heart , And then do stupid things .

secondly , Great changes have taken place in the lives of the left behind women and their husbands , My husband works outside , He came into contact with the outside world , More and more knowledge , The life circle of left behind women is limited to the countryside and their families , She has always been the woman with little experience , If the couple lacks communication , The gap between them will grow , It's going to make women unbalanced .

Last , My husband is not at home all the year round , Left behind women have to face all kinds of challenges in life alone , She's physically and mentally exhausted , have , She is suspicious of her husband , And she can't see the future , Driven by many factors, she is easy to make wrong judgments , And then go on the wrong path .

Migrant workers' families are a huge group , Their lives are not easy . In order to make life better, men have to leave their homes and work , Women should be safe , Do a good job in logistics support , Let men work at ease , And take good care of the whole family , Take care of your family , Only husband and wife work together , The better the day can be , Life can be prosperous .

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