Light and shadow from nature

2021-04-30 13:56:48  作者:Photography

Butterfly light and shadow

I ran for two hours this morning before I went out for exercise , You have to be outdoors , The sun has risen very high . Although the air quality is not good 、 The sky is not blue either , But trees and plants in the sun , But still covered with a very thin layer of dawn, just scattered halo , It's warm and clean .

I saw the sun shining in from a thicket of Metasequoia , It's like a diamond hanging in a cluster of emeralds . Pull the camera over , There are many colorful lights and shadows on the screen , It's like the aurora borealis broke into a string , Colourful . Capture again , It's different every time , But they all flash by , I can't hold it .

The magical gift of nature's light and shadow !

The aurora came to mind 、 Gobi , I need to get my knee back soon , Free to travel around the world , Feel the beauty of nature .

But on the other side of the river , How lucky I am to feel , There are so many gifts in life . Many moments , No camera . Even under the camera , It's not enough to record the beauty of that moment .

The aurora is good , Gobi or not , Love and the future , Vast and infinite , Now is , In my heart , In my mind .