Travel notes of Kashgar, Xinjiang: the story of Pamir Plateau and kupantuo (Part one)

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Continue to drive on the Pamirs .

Passing Karasu port , The sense of desolation in the Pamirs is overwhelming .

Although the distant mountains have distinct layers , But there is not a tree on the mountain , There are only various kinds of lime stone . It's almost a barren land , The only sign of life is the less lush grass on one side , And little camels 、 Yak herd .

Snow mountain comes out from a distance , Add a touch to this gray color “ The contrast is lovely ”.

The landscape is like an unfinished oil painting —— After a large area of earth color , The painter suddenly felt satisfied , No more details , Let the scenery go hastily .

There are ruts on the roadside from time to time, and the path is deep in the distance , We drive in along these marks .

All the way desolate and silent , I saw a small hole on the side of the road .

It's said that there are three holes for cunning rabbits , This guy is obviously not a rabbit , But more cunning than a rabbit .

often and often , We want to get close to it and take some clear pictures , But just a little closer , It went into the hole and disappeared . It's probably a creeper or a groundhog , Soon another hole a few meters away appeared .

This paragraph is not easy to write , Because it's so “ Baldness ” 了 .

But there is a lot of writing in this paragraph , because , It's close to 《 The new tang book · Biography of the western regions 》 What's recorded in “ Drink pan Tuo country ”( It is also known as the state of kupantuo ) Location .

In cannibalism ( The appellation of Arabs in the Tang and Song dynasties ) In the historical records of , The people here are also called “ The selekurs ”. Plus the special experience of the Pamirs —— The ancient Silk Road is a necessary place for China and the West , So many fantastic stories have been left here for thousands of years .

Since there's nothing beautiful about the scenery , I'd like to tell you a story .

You can't find as like as two peas in this story , Because they are all two years of travel in Xinjiang 、 In the process of driving the Pamirs several times, I collected and integrated them bit by bit from the people , Pure grapevine .

【 A story goes like this 】

A long time ago , There is a country of polis in the West . One day , Their king had a dream , I dreamed that I married a beautiful oriental woman , The woman told him , I am a Chinese princess .

When the king wakes up , Immediately send a large group of envoys to China to propose marriage .

The Chinese emperor is worried about the foreign invasion in recent days , Now it's a good opportunity , One woman can be used in exchange for the submission of a vassal state , It's a good deal . Then he chose the most beautiful one among the princesses .

After that, the envoys kept on welcoming the princess back home , Who knows, when passing by the Pamirs, he was cut off by a war , It seems that I can't leave for a while , We had to camp on the spot .

A crowd waited for three months , Calmed the war , Finally, I can go back home , But there was a big explosion in the camp “ clap of thunder ”:

The princess is pregnant .

No one knows whose child is , But everyone knows , If you go back now , Everyone will be executed .

There is no hope of returning home , The crowd was in a panic . That night , The valley is stormy , A flash of lightning passed through , The sun rose in the dark , A fairy boy came down from the sun . The boy said to the princess : You can't go back , This is your home from now on .

the second day , People were surprised to find that , A city stands towering above the stone peak where they live , The walls surround the square 20 in , Snow capped mountains overhead , Step on the wormwood wetland .

There is a palace in the city , Their princess is holding a boy sitting on the throne of the hall .

A voice was heard overhead : Come and see the son of the sun god .

The crowd fell to their knees , So he made the boy king , Since then generations have lived here , It's been bred to this day .

Because their home country, polis, is located in the southwest of the Iranian plateau , So to this day , The language of Tajiks here is unique , It's neither Chinese nor Xinjiang Dialect, which is our common Uygur language , It's a dialect that only the Tajiks can understand —— The Pamirs branch of the Iranian language family .

Of course , Legends are just legends , the “ Son of the sun god ” It is also the first monarch of the legendary state of kupantuo .

Over a hundred years ago , A Jew named Stein once went to the west of our country “ Archaeology ”, In his later works , People found several “ Stone city ” Photos of the , It has confirmed the existence of the ruins of the state of kupantuo . He traveled around India for decades 、 xinjiang 、 gansu 、 The Persian 、 Iraq …… A large number of Dunhuang Buddhist scriptures have been stolen from China . More Than This , Precious colored paintings in the ancient city of Turpan , He and his fellow thieves scraped off the wall and rolled it away . These rare cultural relics in the world , They are now in the British Museum in the UK .

When I write here, I suddenly find that , I still have a long way to go in Xinjiang 、 A lot of content to write , About that heartbreaking “ Academic history ”, Look for the right opportunity in the following space and start again . Remember to follow me , Remember to see .

The journey to the Pamirs continues , Next travel notes : The story of kupantuo ( Two ).

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