Meet warm you in warm time and space 2

2021-04-30 13:56:20  作者:Photography

^^ I didn't ask much , But he said two more words ^^.

Today I went to my friend's company to talk about business , I want to go back to the driverless 15 Line no. , And Wuzhong Road subway station . My friend said that it seems that some transfer stations are not open , But I still want to try .

I don't know Guilin park 15 Is line 2 open , I casually asked the station staff , He said : opened , You just have to take one stop ,( It stopped for half a second ) Guilin road has not been opened yet .

He delivered “Do more” Let me roam in a few subway stations for a long time , Experience driverless , Appreciate the magic station .

Gratitude , In the warm time and space to meet the warm you .