318 Sichuan Tibet line: loprinka and Museum

2021-04-30 13:43:51  作者:Photography

April 7 , Almost all of my friends have gone , Only me and uncle are a little late . Uncle is a retired person , A lot of time , according to the understanding of , He will stay in Tibet for another week . I? , Of course, it's impossible to stay so many more days , The only extra day is 7 On the day . Even though Lhasa has been here , One day was arranged for Lhasa when planning the trip . I was thinking , You have to take a leisurely walk in the Potala Palace Square again . thus , There is no plan for this day , You can sleep until you wake up , And wander around at will .

But I'm used to getting up early , So no matter how you sleep until you wake up naturally, you can't sleep too late . I can't lie down at seven , Just get up . After grooming , Breakfast at the hotel , Just went out . The hotel is all the way to Sun Island , It's not too far from Potala Palace and robrinka . earlier , Brother Yan suggested that I visit loprinka , He said it was good inside . And we went through the single cycle all the way 《 Robrinka 》 This song , I can't help but wonder about it . Just in time , Let's see what robrinka really is .

Walk about two kilometers from the hotel to robrinka , Passing by the Museum , I just want to visit it first , I didn't expect to enter the museum until half past ten , I'm still going to robrinka . No one , After security , Buy a good ticket , I went to visit the garden . To learn more about the garden , I also rented a commentator at the door , But I feel that there is no difference between renting and not renting , Because if you rent it, you still can't fully understand its culture . If you want to know more about it , It's better to read some information in advance , Do some homework . I didn't do any homework , With an impulse .

Actually , Loprinka is the place where the Dalai Lama of all ages spent the summer to manage politics , It is a typical Tibetan style garden . Its function is a bit like Yuanmingyuan , It's a garden for the ruler to spend the summer . In the garden, there are not only the common flowers and trees in Lhasa , And there are exotic flowers and plants from the southern and northern foothills of the Himalayas , There are also rare flowers transplanted from the mainland or imported from abroad . The architecture is based on gesangpozhang 、 The golden chapter 、 The main body of the book is Daden , A house 374 between , It is the largest artificial garden in Tibet 、 The best scenery 、 The most historic garden . Robrinka means baby garden .

Many people have probably visited the gardens in the south , Take Suzhou gardens for example , It's pavilions 、 Bridges . Robrinka is also a garden , The impression is quite different . There are also flowers and trees in it 、 an agreeable environment , But with a sense of desolation . Tibetan architecture is square , Not so many beautiful carvings , There is no poetic corridor to copy . It feels like the mountains of Tibet , Naked , It's kind of rough . Although April's loprinka has been decorated with peach blossom and pear blossom , Still can't overflow spring at all .

Unfortunately, this trip , Two of the five scenic spots in the park are under maintenance , But you can still play for an hour or two . The garden is big , It's a long walk . If you don't want to walk , You can also take a battery car , Of course, you need to buy another ticket . I? , Not afraid to walk , Just walk and watch . The first scenic spot I went to was gesanpozhang , It is also a palace built by the seventh dalaigusangatso . There are some lamas living in the hall , Chanting sutras and worshiping Buddha . As for the murals in the hall 、 Buddha , I can't understand it , It's just a matter of time .

After that, I visited Huxin palace 、 Buildings such as Shatin Lacan, etc , Nothing . But some hundred year old trees in the garden attracted my attention , Like elms . I remember learning an article about elm when I was a student , It's about making Yuqian cake with elm leaves . ha-ha , It turns out that I was born a foodie . See the elm leaves like coins , I can only think of Yuqian cake , It's a shame .

There are also many people in loprinka who come to take pictures of Tibet , It's just taking pictures in Tibetan clothes . Near the Potala Palace , There are especially many people taking pictures . secondly , Just some photography enthusiasts . They have cameras , Facing a building , To save , It's not over . Don't say , I'm really tired looking at it . I? , I took a tour of the park , I don't think it's interesting , And left . Take a few steps out , It's the museum , just .

Actually , This museum is not a Tibetan Museum , It's the Tibet revolution exhibition hall . Of course , The Tibet Museum is also nearby , But it's not open , Because it's just under repair . The Tibet revolution exhibition hall tells about the history of the liberation of Tibetan serfs , People who are interested can still visit . I? , It's just a misunderstanding , I thought it was the Tibet Museum . After browsing in the museum, I found that , I made a mistake . After coming out , I wanted to go to Tibet Museum again , After that, I found that it was under repair , Had to give up , Go straight to the Potala Palace .