2021-04-30 12:46:37  作者:Photography


I've seen flowers in late spring

Drenched in the torrential rain of midsummer

The cold wind of late autumn

Caress the snow in winter

as summer goes and winter comes

The rise and fall of vegetation

Your footprints

Lost in

The growing rings that are going away


The dark sun

The moon looks like the sun on a silver plate

Chang'e dance sleeve's expectation

Return to the dark days of silence

Meet in ten days

The moon is like a meeting

Your voice

Reverberating in

The cycle of months and years

Flowers in the rain

The splendor of morning glow

The warm afternoon sun

The residual red of sunset

Midnight drip alone chant

The sun rises and the moon falls

The wind blows and the dew dries

Your smile nightmare

Flash in

Day and night of yearning