Thank you for passing by my world

2021-04-30 12:10:02  作者:Life journey

I remember , Seeing you for the first time

At that time I , I don't like you

I didn't think of , You and I will meet in the future

But , You have become my preference and exception

In some way , Don't go My heart is not willing to

go , But full of regrets

No matter what , Thank you again , Passing through my world

—— Excerpt from the Internet

Love is always like this , You like each other , But I dare not disturb her , I'm afraid to go further , Your relationship will change , Will become nothing . Instead of trying , You're not willing to , For fear of leaving regret .

Often the end is : Love without time , Hard to find , Not willing to give up ; When you get it , I don't know how to cherish it , Let it slip away from you . Last , All that's left are regrets and bigger regrets …

Buddha said :“ Looking back 500 times in the past life , In exchange for the passing of this life ”, A big crowd , It's a great fate to pass by , I can meet you 、 Know each other 、 Want to love is a blessing not to be extravagant .

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Please cherish everyone you meet around you , Cherish and you know and become the preference of that she , No more regrets .

No matter what , Meeting is fate , Thank you for passing through my world …

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