Days like tea

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The sun is warm , It's a great feeling .

These days , The cold weather makes me feel uncomfortable . Because of a cold , I had a cold last night , My husband gave me Huoxiang Zhengqi water before I could sleep . But I'm tired today , In a thick fur coat , Holding warm treasure, sitting on the steps in the sun , Pedestrians on the road appreciate my wonderful flower with strange eyes , ha-ha …… So what? !

There will be no rest for two months , A little tired and little tired , But there's no way , The leader's wife had a tumor and was operated on in the capital hospital , I have to be compassionate and altruistic .

The sun will be covered by clouds for a while , When I was a child, I was looking for the warmth of the sun in this season , Sing in unison with your friends ,“ A pot of vegetables , A pot of fire , The sun came out to dry me ”. Maybe I'm a little old , Like to miss the past .

After the sun , Have tea .

Gently pry the tea , Put the tea in the covered bowl with an ordinary heart .90 to 100 Boiling water , Wake up tea , Moisten tea , Warm justice cup and tea cup , This is the process of washing tea , It is also to wash away the world , Hold a pure heart .

I made Pu'er tea , It's artificially fermented , As time goes by, it changes , The older they are, the more fragrant they are . The bitter and astringent taste of ripe Puxin tea will be slightly heavier , It needs to be in time and space , Humidity and temperature , Tea after aging has more value of collection and appreciation .

Looking at the tea soup of the same color as red wine , But not as romantic and passionate as red wine . The taste of cooked Pu tea is mild , The taste is mellow and smooth , Delicate and sweet , Savor and caramel 、 Fruity 、 Chen Xiang, etc , Of course , We need tea people to have a quiet taste .

I didn't know how to taste anything before , Fill your stomach when you are hungry , Sleep when you are tired , Drink like a cow when thirsty . Busy work and life polished me into a tough guy . Now , A large part of the burden on the shoulders , I have a place to belong , Everything slowed down , Work in quiet and elegant according to my wish , Living in the warmth of love .

Every delicious juice on the tip of the tongue has a different taste , Different advantages and disadvantages . It can't be said to be good or bad . For example, white wine , Drink less to relax tendons and activate blood circulation , be nourishing , It has the function of health care . But the greedy people not only hurt the heart 、 Injured family 、 It's also life-threatening .

Once upon a time , I'm a heavy drinker , It seems that the strong taste of wine can scorch my heart , My soul ! Finally, it burns away the cramped years , Some people and things are moving away from me . As we grow older , Learned some sage culture , The inner joy is more and more full and abundant , Everything can be indifferent and easy .

It is said that Pu'er four bubbles and five bubbles are essence. , I separated the three bubbles one by one , I'll leave it for myself to taste . Pour the essence into the blue flower , And inlaid with the golden edge of the tea cup , Don't fill the cup with tea , Seven minutes of tea is respect , The remaining three points are friendship .

Serve tea with both hands 、 Bow 、 To support Chinese tea Saints “ Lu Yu ”. however , According to my understanding of Lu Yu , He doesn't care whether the tea bowl is exquisite or not , More emphasis on the fullness and thickness of tea . Of course , I'm just being respectful , Pick out a nice cup to serve , It seems that I'm in the mood !

Talking about Lu Yu , I didn't understand before , I haven't heard of . Once there was an activity in the shop , The company sent a statue of Lu Yu by express , Then I went through his information and found out , He was a talented man in the Tang Dynasty , The famous 《 Tea classics 》 Written by Lu Yu . His fate is bumpy , But I work hard , No fear of fate .

Lu Yu is an abandoned baby , It's very ugly . On a late autumn morning , A Buddhist monk passed a small stone bridge in the western suburb , Suddenly I heard the wailing of geese under the bridge , Take a closer look at , I saw a group of geese protecting a baby boy with their wings , The baby boy shivered with frost , The Zen master took him back to the temple for adoption .

There happened to be a village near the temple , There is a scholar in the village called Li Gong , Li Gong was an official , Later, he resigned because of turmoil , They set up schools in the village , Mr. and Mrs. Li have a daughter who has just turned one year old , They raised Lu Yu together , Read and read together .

By the age of seven or eight , Mr. and Mrs. Li are getting older , Homesickness is growing , The family went all the way back to their hometown Huzhou .

such , Lu Yu returned to the temple , Making tea and serving water beside Zen master . He and Zen master have learned the art of tea since childhood .( Zen master is also a very famous master , I won't go into too much detail here ), Zen master intended to cultivate him , Because he's an orphan , No name, no surname , Zen master took great pains to name him after divination , have to “ gradually ” Hexagram , On the hexagram :“ Hung Chien was on the mainland , Its feathers can be used as instruments , It means wild geese flying in the sky , Flying wings . So it was named “ Lu Yu ”.

At the age of twelve , Lu Yu is not reconciled to the dry and monotonous life of the temple , Finally left the temple , He is not a sparrow to live in , He has lofty ambition .

Leave the temple and return to the world , Wandering for a while , In order to survive , I've been a clown in the local troupe ( Because he's ugly ), He is also a screenwriter and composer , thus , It can be seen that Lu Yu is a brilliant man .

later , Appreciated by Li Qiwu , I went to huomen mountain to study for seven years , It wasn't until I was 19 that I learned to go down the mountain .

Later, Lu Yu went north with the Chengzhou refugees , All over the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River and the Huaihe River Basin , A large number of first-hand data on tea production were collected , And Lu Yu has rich experience in tasting tea ceremony , Give him a cup of tea , He can accurately taste the taste of the first bubble , It can be seen that Lu Yu treats tea professionally .

Although Lu Yu experienced hardships in the first half of his life , But always at the end of time to meet the noble , Lead him step by step , Of course, we can't do without our own efforts , Have integrity, knowledge and Perspective . therefore , When we are in trouble , I really should learn more from Lu Yu !

Finish the story of Lu Yu , The rest of the tea will be tasteless . It's sunny outside the window , Opposite is the primary school playground , All the teachers and students are doing exercises one by one , There was a rhythm on the radio , The gap between the fence is one tree after another, and the azaleas are competing to open , The withered branches are not set off by any green leaves , But there was no violation at all , The busy streets closely surround a corner of the city , This is the noisy world !

Children are like trees , This spring is full of hope . Tall buildings stand on both sides , A road is straight and never ends , There are only two rows of willows with yellow and green shoots , In the breeze with infinite vitality , There are also ten thousand gentle lines hanging down , Return to the warm embrace with missing .

Not far away from the apricot tree after tree , It is full of flowers to show its charm . When the temperature is low , Bud after bud , And bloom alone in silence , Without the love of green leaves , There is no need for the ornament and competition of thousands of flowers , Just be who you are , I think apricot flower's temperament is very strong and proud , Maybe it's also a life with a story , Just like Lu Yu, he is constantly striving for self-improvement .

A cup of tea , Can let a person filter out impetuosity , More precipitation . Especially writing while tasting tea , There is tea in the words , There are words in the tea . It's like Zen in tea , Tea in Zen .

Zen tea into the road , It's a state , I'm on the edge of the realm and dare not set foot in it , Because my accomplishments are far away from each other , But I've always wanted to .

Buddha can wash the heart , Tea can improve the properties of tea , The two are consolidated , In the quiet time, prune more deficiencies !

Apart from loving words, nothing can arouse my interest . I used to write some words from my heart in the computer , It's for catharsis . Just like some irritable people like to drink , But are you still troubled after waking up ? I don't know , But I know the warmth and tenderness of words , After writing, I feel extremely calm , It's like a hole in a tree that absorbs too much sorrow and happiness from others, but it's still unknown .

Words like tea , Tea is like Zen , Wash away thousands of thoughts , Clear and clear .

If you have something on your mind , Write down a paragraph , Make a cup of tea ……