If you really love someone

2021-04-30 11:43:03  作者:Literary FM

If you've ever really loved someone , You'll know how hard it is to put someone down . If your heart is occupied by one person a little bit , You know how hard it is to get rid of this person . How infatuated you have been with this light , How many shadows will be brought to you later .

Love is like a dam , Once there's a gap , Even if you can only go through the trickle at the beginning , But in an instant the whole dam will burst , No one can stop the power of water . When the dyke falls , Love takes over everything , No one cares about what is possible or impossible , It doesn't even matter if the person you love is on your side . Love , Just out of control .

Love is connecting with another person , And through that person , Find the light of God . Just a lot of love , Destined to be only so short . The light soon went out , And leave you endless darkness .

I want you to be brave , If you really want to love someone . To experience the ultimate joy , You can overcome everything , No fear of losing , Because you're going to get more .

“ Only those who really love , A man whose soul blooms with love , To overcome all limitations and prejudices , Sing happily 、 Laugh heartily 、 Praise .”

sometimes , Love is like a light , It's guiding you forward , It's also the driving force of your life . But behind it , There's always a shadow , if . So the love between men and women , There will always be so many worries about gain and loss .

Light and shadow coexist , Love and pain are born together . This is the truth of our love . I would rather you had seen the light of love , Then we can endure the darkness of the shadow . instead of , Never seen light , Always groping in the dark .

May we all love honestly , Love is bright , Pure love !

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