survival of the fittest in natural selection

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When I saw that group of furry little guys swaying in the crowd , I'm so happy with Qinghe , I'm busy taking videos for Zhang Bei , Zhang Bei likes small animals , She expressed her joy without hesitation .

I told a slightly sad detail out of time , Ask Qinghe , You know what it means to buy this group of 11 ducklings ?

Of course Qinghe won't understand , I told him , When these ducklings grow up , It's time to kill the old duck . Ducks used to lay eggs , Very diligent , Old ducks can't do it , What do I do ? You don't have to feed them for nothing ? The best way is to kill them , Eat their meat .

Zhang Bei made it clear that she couldn't accept it , She conveyed her meaning through Qinghe , Can we not kill ? I smile noncommittally , They live in ivory towers , It's really hard to explain to them what the laws of nature are .

In fact, there are few old ducks in my family , Because a wild animal suspected of leopard cat appeared nearby somehow , Take my chicken and duck as ration , Killed nine ducks in half a year . Five survived , Two are male warty nosed ducks , They were raised to eat their meat . Three Gaoyou ducks , Lay two eggs a day , But it's not clear which one doesn't lay eggs ? The duck that doesn't lay eggs is full of taro , Fortunately, he escaped the misfortune of killing .

Except for eleven ducklings , My family also bought 16 chickens , They eat and play happily , It's amazing , In a short time , It can be replaced by . Soon , The slaughter inevitably began , My mother took two warty nosed ducks 、 Three big cocks tied up , One cut down , The end of their short lives , And then break it up , Separated from friends and relatives .

About Zhang Bei's pity , I hastily annotate it with innocence .

The story of chicken and duck , see , Just getting started .

Because chickens and ducks are different in size and temperament , We'll divide them into different areas . Chicken and duck are also rivers and lakes , It's the same as the law of the jungle in nature , Don't separate them , It turned out to be very bad .

My family divides them into five small worlds that are not connected with each other , Let's start with the table , Three cocks , A hen , Two warty nosed ducks . There's about one duck with warty nose , Great strength , Combative , Always chasing chickens , Only one Rooster can match them , Fighting is home . The hen is the weakest , So it lost most of the hair on its back , They were all pecked by roosters and warty nosed ducks .

As usual, it can be divided into several parts , You shouldn't put them together , It's just that the yard is so big , I can only let the old hen be wronged , Even if it's the only one in the circle who lays eggs .

The day of the old hen's rise was too sudden , Bullying's five rivals all went to paradise in one day .

Then it should dominate the world , incorrect , Kill the old chickens and ducks , Just to make room for new chickens and ducks .

Then put the old hen and sixteen chickens together .

You've all seen this before , A hen takes a flock of chickens for food , I'll stand up when I'm in danger , Fight with life .

Take this as an experience , This hen will naturally live in peace with a group of chickens . It's not like that , It takes care of its own children , In front of a group of people who have nothing to do with it , It shows incredible hegemony .

The old hen grabs the bowl while feeding , Other chickens come to eat , It doesn't count as a peck , And all the way to kill , Chase the chicken and run away .

My daughter-in-law has become a mother-in-law for many years , After being bullied all the time, once the old hen turns over , Bullying people , go beyond .

Of course, we can't see it as hosts , Take it out and put it in solitary confinement , If it hadn't laid eggs , In this way , It will inevitably lead to a disaster of blood .

( To be continued ………)

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