Mr. future (1)

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dear :

No, no, no …

A crow and a crow …

Into your arms ~

I'm telling you today in this way , Like is to share every ordinary day .


Half an hour earlier than usual , Help customers buy wufangzhai zongzi and mail it to friends , Later, send me a big Red envelopes for running errands , Happy ~

Half past eight and N From the company to Haining , To CCB at 9:30 , The customer is at the counter , When he saw me coming, he got up , Step by step to the neighborhood , Let me sit down , Sign the contract in two or three sentences .

Because of the simple , So believe . Because I believe , So I saw .

To communicate with some people is to feel relaxed and comfortable , Like the spring breeze . Maybe it's the magnetic field , Maybe the other party's EQ and self-cultivation are much higher than their own , Seek common ground while reserving differences , Absorb anything and everything .

It's difficult to get along with some people , That's really smart ! Between people , It's really incredible .

Hit the battery car

It's already 12 o'clock from the second customer ,N There was a sudden explosion when I drove into the gas station , I thought it was a slab on the road . Then I saw two men coming over in a fierce way , Light us with your hands .

“ You see you hit my car ”“ Are you ok ”“ You hit my car , The front wheel fell off , This car is going to be scrapped , I can't open it. I'll pay a thousand ” “ Call the repairman nearby first , See if it can be repaired ”, The repairman said that the maintenance fee is 250 , He's going to have to pay two hundred dollars for the delay , Said there was no car to go to work .

Six hundred , Reach a consensus , Wrote a note .

outside , There will be sudden accidents , The ability to solve problems is really necessary .

Jianshan meets good customers , Back to Jiaxing , half past five . I bought a cake in Wangdian , Only then discovered that one day rice and the water did not enter , In the afternoon, I have a holiday , I'm really tired . They went to Wanda to eat fish with pickled vegetables , Not half , I can't eat any more , I feel pain and tired in my leg .

Take a good bath , Blow dry hair , Light music on , Lie on the bed , It's written , This is my most comfortable time .

Thinking of the attitude of a woman in the elevator at night , People are too hard, too grumpy , It's because I've never been treated gently .

People become gentle , It's because of being treated with gentleness and cultivating the mind .

It was only half done last night , I fell asleep on my stomach , Wake up more than four o'clock is also a clear mind , No sleep .

I hope before we meet , We can all work hard , Take good care of yourself . I love you so much when I wake up .

Yu Er


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