The mystery of the virtual and the real

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Blood trickles out of the nostrils on the keyboard , Drop by drop, the flowers turn bright red , She quickly took a tissue to wipe, and then continued to use shaking hands to type on the keyboard word by word . MengYue got brain cancer , The doctor told her there were only a few months left , She hopes to leave some works for the rest of her time to remember an emotion between illusion and reality , An unforgettable love .

About a year ago , MengYue often dreams of a man , He has a charming and magnetic voice . In a dream , He and she often talk in a soft voice , He seems to know everything about MengYue . All the things that MengYue has experienced since she was a child , She likes , Her dream , He knows everything . When MengYue was confused, he gradually became full of love for him . She had never met anyone who knew her so well , Even better than herself . Every time MengYue asked his name , He always smiles at her in a shallow way , Then MengYue wakes up from her dream . Meng Yue named him enigma .

I often ask him :" Will we meet one day, not just in dreams ." He hugged her and said :" We'll get together one day , I promise you , I'm not just in your dreams ." The moon that night was very big and round , The light blue moonlight shone on them . During that time , Once you dream about a mystery, you will be excited , The taste of happiness infects every cell in the body , They spend every night happily . It is a pity , Every time the first morning light shines on the dream moon , The mystery disappeared like a mirage . MengYue must return to the real world life without mystery , The busy life can't hide the lost feeling of MengYue in the illusion and reality .

After about nine months together , One morning , MengYue is in her cafe " The mystery of the moon " Busy . Jingling ! The clear door wind rings , A gust of wind came in , Accompanied by a tall figure appeared in front of MengYue . MengYue screams excitedly , Because the mystery finally appeared in her real life . Enigma walked to the corner of the cafe with a smile and sat down , Meng Yue quickly made a cup of hot Espresso In front of the mystery . MengYue looks at the riddle sweetly and says :" You finally kept your promise and appeared in front of my eyes , Not just in a dream ." Dream moon sees the mystery of the corners of the mouth stained with coffee froth , Gently wipe it off with a tissue . The mystery is so real , Touch the corners of your mouth , Touch your face , Happiness surrounds them and fills the air .

Enigma shows up in the cafe on time every day , He always sits quietly in the corner . MengYue will go to chat with him when she has free time . Three months later , One day when MengYue and enigma are talking about Hokkaido Travel dream , The intense headache invades MengYue , MengYue groans with her head in her arms . When MengYue looks up, she finds that the mystery is gone , Bursts of dizziness make MengYue unable to think , MengYue closes early and goes home to have a rest . As soon as Meng Yue enters the house, she finds a box of headache medicine on the table , MengYue thought sweetly : I must have seen my headache just now and sneaked away to buy some headache medicine for me .

Unfortunately, after this incident , The number of enigmas is very uncertain , Sometimes MengYue only sees him in her dream , Sometimes he shows up in the real world , Sometimes he just disappears . MengYue still firmly believes in mystery , Because Enigma's thoughtfulness will appear all the time , Such as what MengYue wants to buy or needs , These things would pop up in front of her . however , MengYue's headache is more and more frequent and intense , I always say it thoughtfully :" month , It's time you went to the doctor ."

MengYue stays in the hospital , The noise around her seems to have nothing to do with her . She remembered that the doctor had just said to her with her brain scan :" You have a tumor in your brain that's crushing your nervous system , You have brain cancer and it's terminal . Depending on the size of the tumor , Your illness can catch up to about a year ago . Because of the tumor , You have hallucinations and intermittent amnesia during that time . For example, you'll see or hear something that doesn't exist , You'll buy something and go home and forget .

The world seems to be spinning , MengYue can't tell whether the mystery is reality or her illusion . But , How deep the feeling of love is , How real . MengYue wants to write all this down , While she remembers , Before she leaves . In the middle of the dream month , The intense headache hit every cell of her brain , She had to hold her head and moan . At this moment , She heard a soft voice in her ear saying :" This girl !" She felt Enigma's hand caressing her head .... It's all true ..... How could it be fake ...

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